Say i am your number one

Every woman wants to feel special. This is an old truth, and if man wish to capture heart of one woman, he will make her special.

The basic mistake which men do is to put woman they love in the same basket with other women. All women are not the same, and if you compare your beloved with others, your chances to keep her will be smaller day by day.

Don’t take your woman for granted. If you ask special things from her, do something for return , this is balance. When you start relation, you must pay atention on some things and change priorities. Your girlfriend must be your number one.

Here are some changes you should do:


You have women friends, but be careful with them. If you spend more time with your friends than with your girlfriend, she will feel isolated.


You like to spend weekends with your best buddies, but be careful. Everyone loves weekend. No matter if your woman has 20 or 40 years, she will ask you to spend weekend with her. It is not nice if woman must spend Saturday night alone until her darling is drinking with friends and chasing for a flirt.


If you have boring mother who calls you every day, tell her to stop worry so much. She is still your mother, but you are not her small boy anymore. You will not go at lunch with parents every day, especially if you are in serious relation and you start common life with your girlfriend. 


Take a deal for your hobbies. Yes you like bowling, football, tennis, but if you have every day your activities, when you will find time for your girlfriend?

If your priority list is not changing, if you are in relation but still you don’t change your habits, you are not ready for relation. Imagine situation that your best friend from childhood doesn’t like your girlfriend. She provoke her, and which side you will take? You will stand by woman you love or support your rude friend, just because he is your best mate?

When guys are immature, they think that is enough to make love with woman and take her to coffee bar or to cinema, and their mission is done. That is wrong. If you are on wedding party, and you dance with other women all the time, your girlfriend should feel embarassed. If you buy flowers and chocolates to your female friends at work and you did not buy a gift to your girlfriend, she has right to consider you as jerk.

Relation is obligation. If you are not ready for obligation, change your status at single. It is hard to give up from your freedom and your benefits when you are single, but for return you will get some privilleges which you did not have before. You will be loved, your woman will care about you and she can be your best friend. One day your male friends will get married and if you will be still single, you can kiss their door. Suddenly, they will not have time for you because they have children and they have deal with their wife. 


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