Couples before internet


I was born in time without cell phones and social networks. My generation met potential partners in night clubs, friend’s circles and social events. We talked with men faces to faces before dating. We know we will maybe kiss a frog, but never a ghost.

Recently i came back from fantastic vacation. I checked my inbox and i saw messages from some unknown men at my Skype, Instagram and Facebook. I never talked with those people and they are not on my friend list. I was wondering, how you dare to write me when we don’t know each other at all? The biggest surprise are their profiles, they are young (or they introduced themselves as young) and they should be at beach and catch sexy young ladies. Instead of this they chose to annoy married women.

I have constructive ideas for them. Why don’t they wash dishes instead of their mothers, find some job or go to swim, just to taste real life? This is the most easier, try to get woman without paying her drinks, without listen her voice and to ask her to show nudity . One click and they think to watch woman in camera from their messy rooms. Lazy generation of jerks is not able even to walk to next door and ask sweet girl from neighborhood for date.

My mother and father were together while he was serving in army. I came from ex Yugoslavia and army then had strong rules. Whole year my parents exchanged letters without seeing each other. They had no phone. For me, their love story is the most beautiful because of their devotion. Nowadays, guys open profile to show their oiled muscles and ask for a sex. That is cheap and so available. We women might choose between guys from 18-60. Who want to see dick, just make a call.

It is not all black so i pick for friends only people who are at distance on first sight. If guy wants my friendship he must know that i have limit. I am not rigid so i can talk with men , but they must have dignity. As much is ugly to see naked women who offer her services, it is also ugly to see man who give all on plate. Next time, it will be another women, so i cry from laugh when i see fight on internet. Woman said to me that guy is hers. And i said, since you are far away from him, how you date with him? Are you going on dinner with teleporting service? Do you kiss computer while you fuck?

As i said i was born before internet. Also i know every trap on internet, because i was curious to see new rules of the game. I have circle of respectable friends who are able to talk about policy, art, philosophy . What is funny, woman should not feel ashamed when guy wrote dirty message, because he is embarrassing himself. Unless woman did not ask for this, guy is in lame position. Offer your dick to thousand women must be very disappointing while many women will insult him. It remainds me on guy who shown his bolls in the train, while i was travelling. He was hidden in toilet and women were running from him. Why would cyber guys get better treatment?



4 thoughts on “Couples before internet

  1. This made me laugh and wince at the same time…totally agree with you.

    I am not in the least bit prudish but receiving a photo of a men bits does nothing for me, it is what they do with them in real life when it matters, after all lol. I get men are usually more visually inclined than women and that photos sent the other way often are welcomed but…well, maybe I am old fashioned but I prefer to DO not think and imagine *smiles*

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