Hungry like a wolf

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Conscience – the biggest invisible executer which person could have. It prevents us to do something wrong and punish us if we do it. If you have even little amount of emotions, you will cry after you did something wrong to someone who did not deserve it. Or, you will not sleep well at night. If you are cheater, and you never admit it to your partner, you will walk around with bags under your eyes and burden on your back.

Media wrote about romantic story about guy who was travelling 30 hours by plane to visit her girl at vacation. She called him that he miss her, so he decided to surprise her. Even it sound very touchful, remember that thing should have good financial background. You need money to pay the flight , free days if you are working and something to eat until you get on your destination. Another thing, is girl really called him because he missed her? Maybe she had opportunity to cheat and did not do it. Maybe that was call for help. Or maybe she did it and she want to wipe her sins. This year Big Brother in Croatia had interesting situation. Marina, one of girls, cheated her regular boyfriend with one of the competitors. She cried and kissed his picture, but at the end she walked out with rival who caught her heart. This was cry of conscience.

It brings me to next question. Do we cry for others or for ourselves when we do something wrong, as cheating is?

Guy X is married father with two children. He had virtual romance with beautiful woman. He said : “I don’t want to hurt her. ” He said he did not want to hurt mistress, not his wife. That is because he knows that he will never leave wife and mistress will got hurt. Wife is a victim but she will never know. Mistress knows what will happen so she is bigger victim. Until wife got knife in back, mistress got bullet in heart.

If you are attractive, interesting person, you will be surrounded by bunch of interesting people too. Many chances for thief, isn’t it? Sometimes we can feed our ego with talking, innocent hug and trading meaningful blinks and hints, and that will be enough. Wolf is eating, sheep is alive. Well, sometimes person is so hungry that she will eat sheep and turn into bloody wolf.

Smart person will change her strategy as professional football coach. Today i said i love you, but tomorrow i can’t effort this so i will say i like you and i respect you, but i want to be on distance with you. If you felt desire and yet you did not do it, stop on time. If you already did it, be quiet and pretend that nothing happened.

You will be surprised how your best people can judge you because you drink coffee with someone you should not, or you just gave compliment to wrong person. And if you step out from safe zone, even worse. They will say they would never do this. In fact they did not dare or made control due another things. Sometimes, love is not the reason why you did not cheat. It is reputation, safety, financial security and fear from loneliness. That is what people are ashamed about, that they did not step into forbidden zone because of wrong reasons.

Did you ever thought something like this: “Well i don’t feel passionable rays, but i don’t want someone other on my place so i will not move on. ” That is something we ashamed about when we think about other person. Real love is full of some poisoned ingredients, especially if you cherish this by years. That you will sometimes get bored, or you would like to taste something else, and when you feel this will disappear, suddenly you change your direction. That is why men says : “I love my wife”, when sexy mistress ask to leave her. At least, who would better understand their farting and dirty socks than wife who shares bed with them and clean after them ?



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