Accept me as i am. I don’t wish to pretend, i am bad actor. I am not perfect, but i hope you will love mine imperfections. That are wishes of many people, to be accepted without change. Now here is another wish, in opposition with your personality. You wish to fit in society, because long time you were standing out. So how to fit in your workplace, school or in family of your life partner?

Outsiders and intruders will always exist. Some people love to be alone and rebellious. Others would like to be respectable members of community, but others underestimate and humiliate them because they are not accord standards. People are hungry for power and many wish to win position of leader. 

Two girls, Mabel and Sylvia  went to journey with their classmates from high school. Mabel was conformist, and Sylvia was outsider. From the first moment Mabel was clown, because she never smoked and never kissed a guy. People made pranks with her, and she was following tips form others. She was coughing but yet she did not want to stop smoking. Guy who kissed her was ugly, but she wanted to prove that she is adult girl. Later, some boys had weed and Mabel was again experimental rabbit. When she started to puke, nobody cared. 

Sylvia should share room in this hotel with Mabel, but during that circus, when guys were all the time in their toilet, she left room with her bags. She asked teacher to move in another free room. During that time, nobody talked with Sylvia, she was walking near sea coast and she was very sad. She met girl from other class and they started to talk, and she invited Sylvia in the nightclub. She found new friend. After journey Mabel and Sylvia did not talked for a few months. Later Mabel said to Sylvia : “You were right, they made fool of me. I just wanted to fit in. “

How far people will go just to be noticed and accepted?

They will try to copy others in their behavior.

They will left old friends to be closer with new friends.

They will left girlfriend or boyfriend if they are not suitable.

They will break their habits, destroy previous principles and swallow lies from others, just to fit in.

Loneliness is not bad if you know who you are and why you defend your rights. Sooner or later, you will find someone who will support you. People will just recognize you, not because you are chasing them or you want to enter into their ass. They will admire to you because you have courage to be different, and not to annoy anyone with your original personality. If you are spontaneous person, people will give you hand.

There is no need to visit places where are lot of people, because everyone will go there. You don’t have to vote for popular political group. You don’t need to scream when Justin Bieber appears on TV. Also, you don’t need to follow guy with big motorcycle because girls are fighting for him. 

Maybe you will not be accepted in circle you wish to be. Look at this as sign, you belong to somewhere else.


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