Your house of cards

When you live in the cloud of expectations, you will expose yourself to disappointments. In your mind is a scale, top list of things which you expect from some people. When they don’t bring you what you wished for,  result is depression. Expectation is background of hope. What is indeed hope? That is transparent spider […]

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Popularity is not always “in”

  It is easy to love someone who spreads good mood around, who is everybody’s friend  and in generally popular person. It is like Shakira said : “I always wanted to have many friends, but never expected so much  people.” She got about 87 million likes at Facebook page. Who would not love such beautiful […]

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Kill me with your irony

Do you know those kind of people who are always silent, but somehow they cause troubles? Also, you must be familiar with people who are so sensitive that they express their feelings by tears and crying, even for banal reasons? When troubles are on the way, it is important to find roots. Fish stinks from […]

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Deja vu romance

  When one relation comes to the end, couples are in pieces. Here is much anger, rage, sadness, frustrations. Wounds are fresh and one of the way to heal this could be sex with ex partner. That moment is bomb with clock, because you never know what will happen after this. If you ask women […]

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Two faced friendship

  Perfect idea about  friendship is big circle where are all people connected together. They hold their hands and dance around the world. That is far from truth and reality. If you say that you pick your friends and that you are not friend of everybody, people will consider you as pretentious, cocky or even […]

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