Charisma – gold or dust?


When someone says “you simply radiate”, it is supposed that statement is positive. Charisma is way to attract people in business, friendship and love. If you are popular, doors will open easier for you. There are 4 types of temper : choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. Accord to situations, people will react on way which will reveal their real nature.

Imagine that you fall in love . Your reaction will reveal what type of person are you. Choleric will make big scream. He is the one who break glass and stand on the table in some bar. Melancholic will write songs. Phlegmatic will just blink with dreamy eyes. Sanguine will call friends and talk with smile about what happened . 

Sometimes, women thinks that their partners don’t express love enough or not on right way. Perhaps you are melancholic and your husband is phlegmatic? You don’t speak by the same language of love and you must learn this.

Monica and Ross are one year in relation. Ross is guy on distance and it connects him with Monica, because she likes challenges. Now, Monica expects from Ross to say her “i love you” every time when they make love, but that is simply not his way. Ross is phlegmatic, and Monica is melancholic. Also, Ross expect from Monica to control herself more, because her tears are sometimes really meaningless. 

You will attract particular circle of friends. That is law of attraction, what you feel is what you create. If you adore adventures, your thinking and acting will attract people who like to risk. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You might be young in soul and old by ages, but your circle of friends will match with your beliefs. 

Young people love fisherman Gareth. He is joyful, talking jokes and full of energy. Always on motorbike, even he is over 50 years old. No wonder he is surrounded by younger ladies too. Sometimes you might complain that your friends are boring, that you are lonely or that people you prefer will not gather with you. Check out which kind of signals you send to them. If you constantly yell, fight and share bad mood, you will be surrounded by grumpy persons. 

It is possible that some people radiate on negative way. Imagine kind of boss who always ask for mistakes of their coworkers. Imagine mother who always scold their children. That kind of people have charisma, they radiate, but they are toxic. 

Women get jealous on person who attract many handsome men. It doesn’t have to be perfect size model. Simply, men like to feel free in company of women. If she is ready for jokes, men will enjoy in her company. 

What kind of woman’s charisma men like?

Woman who is not big mouthed. ( Believe or not, men got tired of too much talking).

Woman who is not smart ass. ( They like smart woman, but not those who are always in right, cause that reminds them on work. )

Woman who understand their need for freedom. ( If you control them constantly, that reminds them on mother. )

Woman who doesn’t follow blindly every trend. ( If woman is obsessed with shopping and fashion, that sounds empty to them. )

Woman who knows how to take care of herself. (Believe it or not, fragile princess is not in. Men don’t want to play role of hero every time when she is in trouble. )

Sometimes your behavior will take people away, even you think opposite. Your mother maybe taught you to talk with everyone on the street and to ask about their privacy, but some people will consider you as annoying and pushy person. If you talk constantly about yourself, that is also not good point. Don’t brag about your qualities, people will see it if this exists. 

Narcissist might think that he has charisma and power, but that is not good connection with masses. Narcissist needs audience and first sign of criticism will discourage him. Charisma is made by actions and deeds, not empty talk. 

People are not stupid and they will understand when you force situation or lie about your big abilities. Remember, crowd might put you on the throne, but the same crowd might kick you out. That is how charisma works, as test for real diamonds. If you don’t shine on real way, you will collect dust.


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