Proposal time – are you waiting too long?


Give me ring and i will believe that you love me. Woman who want to get marry would say this. There comes a time when love stories and promises are not good enough. You spent few years and more with someone, and you want commitment. This is not just a piece of paper where your partner will sign his name, the moment when you will take his surname and get into marriage. This is kind of honor and respect. Your man is ready to spend life with you, he choose you to follow him in his bad and good moments. He gave up from other women, he is not in the hunting zone anymore.

Women dream about weddings. This is kind of ceremony where you will have great wedding gown, ring and you will be queen of the night. Your family and friends will see that you found Mr. right and you will share your happiness with pleasure.

It is familiar that many men have fear from commitment, especially from marriage. Wow, that is it. I will not have sex anymore, i give up from all this chicks, i found woman for a lifetime. I can almost see tears in their eyes. Their single friends will tease them, welcome to the cage of marriage.


Why are men afraid of marriage?

They think they are still young.

They feel they are not ready.

They don’t want to sacrifice their freedom.

If they had bad experience with obligations and women, this will be obstacle.

When men don’t want to propose his woman, he is indeed crucified between two fires. Here is battle between angel and demon. Angel will say to him that he will lose perfect woman for him if he doesn’t decide. Demon will say that he will lose opportunity for many sexy adventures with bunch of beautiful women. This is kind of roller coaster. Up and down. How will this race finish, it depends how much woman has patience for her partner.

Betty was 11 years in relation with Richard. They started as young couple, she was 18, and he was 24. During years Richard found all kind of excuses not to get marry. First his grandma die and it was not the moment. Then he was studying to graduate and again it was not the moment. Then he was searching for a job, he said that he doesn’t want small wedding and he had no enough money for big celebration. Then he quit job because he was in conflict with his boss. Betty was patient and she believed that Richard will be ready one day. One day she was babysitting her niece on the playground. She was playing with little girl and she met man in the park who was babysitting his nephew. They started to talk and that man said that Betty with little girl is the most fabulous scene he ever saw. He said to her how wonderful mother she could be. After few weeks, they started to date and Betty left Richard . Betty soon got married for this guy from the park.

What kind of choice has woman when her partner doesn’t want to propose her?

She can leave him and find another.

She can calculate with situation. 

Tell him that you have many fans, go out with your friends and maybe your partner will afraid of losing you.

She can stay in this situation and hope that he will not leave her one day because of other woman.

Whatever you decide, think about your priorities. What is more important to you? You want family or you want to keep your man even he doesn’t want family? What would hurt more, losing chance to have family, or losing your man?

The biggest problem is time. You can calculate if you are young woman, from 25-30 . Once when you are over 30 and near 40 , your decision doesn’t depend only on you. Your fertility will be smaller with years and if you delay with decision time will decide instead of you.

 When you are waiting for right time to settle down, it is sometimes like you are waiting for Godot. Samuel Beckett wrote is his novel “Waiting for  Godot” about two men who are only sitting and waiting for mysterious man to change their lives. He never came.


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