When women still live in a fairy tales


Fairy tales are part of childhood. The story for good night was a fairy tale with beautiful princess or queen, a brave prince and a naughty witch who owes black cat or a blackbird. In a fairy tales, life is black and white and always is a happy ending. The good guys win, beautiful women get married, and bad witches died.

A cruel reality offers different lessons and different endings, but still some illusions and misleads are alive.


We can recognize the new version of ancient fairy tales.


–  Cinderella – that poor girl met the prince, she lost a shoe and he found her and later they were happy. Cinderella’s stepsisters were punished, the same as her bad stepmother. So some women believe that is enough only to lean on a handsome man who will solve all their problems, that they don’t need to work and earn money because their man will be hero and service for all. In this fairy tale, evil stepsister can have an advantage if she is a businesswoman who earns enough to buy expensive shoes and to drive home alone.


Sleeping beauty – just sleep at home and your Mr. right will wake you up with a kiss. You don’t need to go out to meet someone, fate will deliver that man at your door. This woman got her prince, but you can meet eventually postman with alerts because of your big unpaid bills.


Hanzel and Gretel – brave brother rescues his sister from the bad witch. In reality, that which can be your mother in law and Hanzel will not save you from her because you will do accord her wishes. Men can be very hard to handle if you don’t respect his mother.


Little siren – she cut her hair because she falls in love with a human, but that king went with another woman. She was happy to do sacrifice for him. But if you think that your destiny is to make a sacrifice to man and that he will be grateful to you, you are wrong. Being someone’s mistress is not a grateful role. 


RedRiding hood – yes that nasty wolf tried to eat you when you met him, but it doesn’t mean that all aggressive guys are bad. Sometimes your prince will be provocative and nasty as a wolf, but he will not eat you, he will test you if you can handle challenges.


Belief in fairy tales means you are still under an illusion. Your destiny is in your hands, not in hands of God, fate, or your shrink. The best choices are ours because we are responsible for them.


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