Did you find a Sugar daddy?


Do you remember fairy tale about Sleeping beauty, lovely princess who was sleeping, waiting for a prince and his kiss to wake her up? She was there as beauty sleep supporter, meanwhile, high forces were working for her sake. The other heroine, Cinderella, lost her shoe because she was rushing after midnight dance from the castle, in fear that her evil stepmother will punish her. She went barefoot in panic and the charming prince had reason to search, where is this fatal woman. 

As little girls, I and my peers were dreaming about a prince who will realize our dreams. In our visions, this prince was young, handsome and kind. He was a protector, brave and faithful, We did not think about the old man with belly and wrinkles, surrounded by sweet young girls who are ready to fight for their opportunity. 

So, nowadays new fairy tale took place in woman’s dream. This is a fairy tale about sugar daddy. Who is a sugar daddy, let me illuminate you. In the case, you don’t know. This is a man over 50, rich and successful, who seeks for young girls to make him company. He will marry a girl who is 15 or more years younger than she is. I will mention some world famous examples. Bernie Ecclestone. Flavio Briatore. Mick Jagger. They are all charming men who live with full lungs and love young girls who could be their daughters. 

Well, for the game we need two players, so it would be mean for me that I judge men. Where is a trap, there is a trophy. Golden diggers will find their chances as mouses. Minnie Mouse will catch a piece of cheese because this is chance to solve every problem in her life. 

Why shed she not live as a model, on a yacht, wearing famous brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Louboutin and Prada? Why should she wait for a sale in big avenue malls, when she could sell her youth for life from dreams? All that she needs to do is to be beautiful, sweet and patient. 

I read on portals about women who are fighting for the attention of a rich old man. They are indeed fighting for expensive purses, journeys, and cars. They don’t give a shit about the old man, they even think about the fact that old man could die soon. 

Where are roots of gold digging, why this kind of fairy tale about Sugar daddy became so popular?

Economic crises. 

It is harder and harder every year, prices are high, salaries are the same. In Eastern Europe, in some countries as Romania, Serbia and Albania people live on the edge of hunger.

Internet progress.

Women read about glory and glamorous life, about Victoria secret models, also unknown girls who escaped from poor countries and find happiness with reach men.

Big Brother.

This reality show created many gold diggers. How much is worthy woman’s body, if you spend one night by making love in front of cameras?

Failed educated system, lack of employment.

We have big problems with schools where children are learning too much about areas who are not practical, and too many students who are sitting at home because they can’t find a job in their profession. We have too many lawyers, economists, psychologists, and not enough people who would like to do manual work.  Women ask themselves, why should I study and earn so small money? Why should I work for an average salary, about 800 euros monthly?

If you read internet portals and public opinion, you will see many women who justify this kind of lifestyle. I could vomit on a woman who sells her body and dignity just to make a success. I was studying for lack of money, my parents were manual workers and few times I had candle instead of the lamp because we did not pay the bill for electricity. Well, I never thought about the relationship with a sugar daddy. This few exams I passed were so sweet for me when I knew that I was working hard. My eyes are still healthy, despite all. 

One day I was commenting on the article. It was topic about a girl who got engaged for rich old man. She is not educated, but she is young and pretty, and accord this article, a man helps her to make a career as a model. I said, what kind of career she could have when is all clear that she sold her pride for money? Another woman said to me: “Well, she can go shopping anytime she wishes, she will go to famous beautiful places, she will talk with celebrities, she can do everything she wishes. ” I gave up from this empty talk. So, that is what some women dream about, this kind of fairy tale, where the prince is not a hero, she is a buyer. Are you the only his customer? 

Frankly, I believe when someone owes big money, that person will not be satisfied with only one woman. Until death makes us apart? Hardly. I would say until other gold diggers stand between us. 


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