Why are some women malicious?


Malicious people are without gender, but some nasty things are made by women. How women hurt each other is an art, the ways are very sophisticated, and mutual connection is backstabbing.

The list of things made by malicious women :

Woman boss will make your life bitter.

If you work for female boss, she will remember bad things and forget good results. Don’t try to look too sexy and don’t insult her, she never forget.


You like one awesome dress , next day your female friend will buy this to show up herself in public. 


Copy your haircut, your style and your makeup. This can do only women.

Girls will make friendship with you because you know many handsome guys so they will use you as pimp.


Women will gossip you and drink coffee with you in the same day.

Women will envy each other if one is married and other is not.

Women will be happy when their friends have problems in marriage or they get divorce.


Women are more emotional, tender and confident as friends. If you have luck, your friend will be trustful, loyal and devoted to you. You will be very close, as sisters. Other side of mirror is not so nice. Your friend can be snake but she will pretend that she likes you, just to use you for her purpose. Sometimes, friendship with man is much better option. If that man is not your lover, if he is kind of brother, you will have great time with him. He will not be mad at you if you will not borrow him your shirt. He will forgive you if you insulted him. For sure, he will not gossip you after your friendship breaks. 

If you ask friends in virtual spaces, be careful when you add women. Half naked girls are not good choice for friends. If they are not lesbians, they will be on your list just to pull attention on themselves. 

You can recognize women snakes very easy. 

They never had interaction with you, but they ask favor from you.

They represent themselves as your sisters, even you were never close with them.

They date with your ex boyfriend or husband after you split with them.

Women snakes are friends from transit zone. They will use your friendship to take something from you, after that they don’t need you anymore. You are as used lipstick, once you use it, you can throw it in garbage.


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