Altruist by choice

Do you see woman with small baby in her arms every day in the same street corner? She asked for money yesterday, last week, last month. Do you see your neighbor drunk with black eye , every weekend when he back from night club? Look into your window, this old man is digging again into garbage box, with hope to find empty bottles to sell them and get some coins.

We are observers of other’s drama every day, but we can’t save the world despite of our big heart. Why is like that, answer is in human nature.

When you offer your help it will be effective if other person accept this. This is first step. Another step is that person follow your advice. This is not always realized accord your wishes, because human brains are defected phones.

Lindsay is single mother, with son from 3 years. Every morning she get out from her flat and beg people at the street for money. She says, she needs milk and bread. Later people saw her with cigarettes in mouth and small bottle of vodka, until her son is playing without shoes in the park. People suggested her to call social service and to contact father of this little boy. Lindsay said, father is not available, he lives in another country and he denied every attempt to pay alimony. Social service offered Lindsay some help, but woman who tried to carry for little boy was unpleasant – accord Lindsay words. She was yelling on kid because he spill juice over table. So Lindsay is proud and she doesn’t need anyone, because people are bastards.

Help others, and sometimes you will get into trouble. 

You can be ashamed because you wanted to make good deeds. So that is how Peter involved in street fight when guys start to beat his neighbor James, but James said to him that it is not his business. Peter had bloody nose and never greet James after this event.

When we are merciful, when empathy lives in our hearts, we will be attached by other’s problems. We want to save the world but it is not always possible. 


So, when we should not involve in other’s business?

If we strictly got denials from that person that we should not involve.

When it makes damage to us, or our beloved people could be in danger.

When someone takes an advantage because we participated in their problems. If we make hands dirty, it could stay dirty for a while.

Selection is necessary when we decide to deal with something what is not our business. Stay away or be quiet is sometimes the best solution. This is not cowardice, this is simply diplomatic. If we are neutral, we will not support neither side. 

Anyway, who would be grateful for this help if this was not welcomed from the start? To help others, to bring them out from troubles, we need their approval first. In opposite case, we just poke our nose where is not belong.


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