6 steps for women – how to eliminate rivals?


Cupid is indeed not fair person. His arrows hit more targets and when center is just one, love battle is necessary. Every woman wants to feel as only one, but what the if man is one, and women are few? Women are gentle, fragile and noble creatures, but when it comes time to fight for their man, they will throw gloves. 

There is no woman who like rivals. Even in the age of harem, there was first kaduna. It was name for woman who was the main sultan’s mistress. Even sultan had many women to use them with deadline, everyone wanted to be the first. The most clever and with the strongest nerves were winners. Rokselana took victory over previous sultan mistress Gulbahar. They had fight , and Gulbahar scratched Rokselana’s face, but it was Pir victory. Rokselana denied to make love with sultan with excuse that she looks ugly, so sultan threw Gulbahar from harem. That harem had 300 women, but they were not equal. Mostly they were humiliated by working dirty jobs as washing floors, and only few got benefits. Between them , Rokselana took title of first kaduna.

History shown us that women are labelled. Today, there is no harem, but undecided men are still here. Some men have big ego and just one woman will not be enough to keep their attention. They will ask more and more challenge, until they pick what is the best for them. 

Women will often ask: “How to get rid of that bitch?” Really, your rivals could be anyone. She can be even your cousin. She is maybe your colleague. Maybe neighbor. Or maybe your best friend. Everything is possible, if Cupid did bad , clumsy work.

If you want to take a first place, and if you fall in love in guy who did not decide yet, take this steps.

Make a friendship with your rival.

Yes, keep enemy closer. Find out what is her weakness. Then, in right time, shot in this Ahil target.

Follow the guy.

I had friend who lost her fiance by her best friend. She was following him in every caffe bar where he entered. She would look at him and send him kisses. His new girlfriend got mad and slapped her. That guy broke up with new girl and chose my friend, to came back to her.

Be a victim, but with style.

Don’t yell on him. Say to him that you are sad, and that you feel sorry. That is maybe not true, but his ego wants to hear this.

Be sexy and smile.

Walk in the way that he notices you. Smile and make a good joke. Let he feels comfortable when you are here. Be near him if he needs help.

If he accuse you for sabotage his relation, deny.

You have no idea about his girlfriend. She doesn’t exist. 

Make a friendship with his male friends.

Male friends will be your backup. They will show him that you are good for him. They are your voters. 

Now, when you know all this, don’t lose nerves and don’t slap your rival. You can hit her, but not with fist. Remember, Rokselana fought on the floor, and she managed to catch her man.


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