Trust me, i am the right one


How much we can trust to others? I would say : open your heart, but keep your mind ready in the case of trouble. As much some people wish to believe that good acts will be rewarded human nature is not so genuine. We need to make line between confidence and naivete.

If you are weirdo , your access will be denied for everyone. The world is full of snakes and it is better to be alone.

You will imagine reasons why not to let approach in your life. 

Typical example is insecure person. When someone wanted to ask Margot for a date, she was thinking only the worst. Ray invited her, and dark could over her head was full of monsters and threats. He wants to use me or he wants to make fool of me. I will be mocked and subject of laugh. No, i don’t want to go on this date. 

Next example is paranoid person. She burnt by bad experiences, and instead to think positive, because all bad already happened, she closed her door. Once i met a girl who was so distrustful that i gave up on her, it was wasting of my time. She said : “Everyone i met made fool of me, i write poetry and i did not want to show my poems to others because they would laugh. I feel lame, and probably i am. ” It was hard task to bring back her trust, and why should i bother? As much we want to save someone, sometimes role of savior is ungrateful because you can get knife in back even you are innocent.

Stubborn people feel so good in their skin that they don’t want to give their hands, unless this is useful for them. They will watch people and give them chance if they wish. Their trust is not broken, they just decided not to trust because that is not suitable for them. Sybill had attitude about rich people. Accord her, rich people are assholes. So when Iris wanted to make friendship with her, she denied because of her principles. Rich bitch with expensive purse and fancy car will not be her friend. Simply, she despised everyone from that circle.

Trust is precious gift and powerful weapon. 

Once when you decide to give trust, you are bonded to that person. If she will not justify this, you are responsible for your choice. You will pay for consequences and possible damage. Also, if someone breaks your trust once, second chance is very expensive. You open another opportunity to distrust. 

What kind of people are worthy of trust? Here we can make golden rule : It is not gold all what is shining. 

Where are possible traps?

Too kind people. Just because someone use sweet words, it is not proof of trust.

Friend of everybody. This person can sit on more chairs .

People who ask favors from you on the first sight. Why to bother someone immediately you met him? Trust must be deserved.

When rumors talk about distrustful person. Where is a smoke, there is a fire. Check it.

When person repeats all the time – you can trust me. He is ready to beg on his knees. Something stinks here.

Sometimes, you will feel unpleasant if you reject someone. He smiles to you and gives you hand, so you feel guilt. That is weak spot, because person with bad intention will press your guilty button. You can decide will you trust or not. Maybe your choice will be unexpected, and you will choose your guardian of trust accord your intuition. You will not trust to recommended person, because your six sense choose different.

Whatever you choose, responsibility is yours. When you give trust, you take a risk. You will not regret or you will learn a lesson. 


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