Guy from distance


Curiosity is in human nature. If you see closed box you will try to open it, to find out what is in it. Hidden treasure or bunch of trash? Never mind, but still you want to open it because your fantasy is poking you inside.

The same is about mysterious men. Women will often fall in men mystery. He looks like he hold secret inside, his heart is closed and his distance is so sexy. He is unavailable and this is key of his attraction.

Paul was walking mystery. He was not model, he was too skinny guy with chicken chests and also he was not tall, but women were crazy for him. His sensual lips and green eyes were magnet for women. He had more success in flirting than guys who were more handsome than he was. Also he was not gentle and good man, he was rude, sarcastic and sometimes vulgar. Women were fighting for him, because they saw someone who need love and care. Every woman thought she is the right one , that she hold the key to open this treasure box.

How to approach to Paul and how to keep him? He was jumping from one relation to another. If you are nice with him he will break your heart. If you are rude he will also break your heart. He had friend Betsy . She was observer and she was there to wipe his rage after every broken relation. It was not easy task because part of his frustration were always on her back. He blamed her that she ruined some of his love affairs. In fact he ruined this because he was making love with Betsy after every love failure.

He did not speak with her one month, because Betsy was serious obstacle for another women. She was his shadow, in every corner of his life. At least when he thought that he got rid of her, she was again there, with her devil smile. She was rude, sarcastic and very persistent woman. After he started new relation, Betsy was silent, she waited her time. She knew Paul will not be angry on her for a long time. She called him with excuse and invited him on her birthday party. How he could deny her? The rest was history, they were again in bed and Paul realized why he broke so many hearts around. Betsy opened that box a long time ago, but he was not aware of this. 

Guys will ask why don’t they have success with women even they are nice, kind, gentle, even they have good salary or fast car. 

Even they are handsome, cute, sexy and kind with women. Women are not so fragile and soft as they seems so. We love mysteries, challenges, and we are rivalry. Woman like to beat another woman in the game. You want this guy, but i will have him. I will beat you in this game. He will be mine. 

When guy is single a long time, he will stay single because somehow it looks desperate. 

Women will think :”Oh, why should i start with this loser, when nobody else was not there?” Say to woman that you are virgin, you will see reaction. There is no fascination with men kindness and innocence as with men rudeness or distance.

Why you involve with this guy when he is married? Why you want to flirt with guy who love another woman? That will be questions, and answers are in woman nature. We think, that we can change someone accord our wishes. I will be the last woman in his bed. He will marry me.

When guy want to capture women heart, he will play role of hard to get if he is wise. 

Don’t give her everything on the first sight. You must be challenge, and she will catch you. 

As much men are hunters, women also like to play this game. Remember this secret box from the start of his story. What is inside? Maybe is shit inside, but still you want to open this, because that is locked.


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