Two faced friendship



Perfect idea about  friendship is big circle where are all people connected together. They hold their hands and dance around the world. That is far from truth and reality.

If you say that you pick your friends and that you are not friend of everybody, people will consider you as pretentious, cocky or even rude person. Someone wants to be your friend, you reject him and that person will be hurt.

Real friendship is just this, elimination of fake intentions. See this situation.

Anita was new girl in neighborhood. She wanted to fit in but she did not know how. Soon, Petra saw her chance to include this girl in her circle. Petra was kind of leader, rich girl who organised every party and it was matter of popularity if you are invited in her house. Her friendship had price, so first she was nice and kind, she lend clothes to her girls, she helped them to find guys for dating and everybody thought about her as perfect friend. Petra wanted something to return. She invited Anita, but for few days she asked her gold necklace. She would wear this on birthday, because it would suit on her dress perfectly. Anita denied this because it was gift from her granny . From that day, Petra eliminate her. She did everything to avoid her, and to break every contact in her neighborhood. The main aim was, isolate Anita from society.

What is hypocrisy in friendship? 

Things you never should do:

buy friends with expensive gifts or money

– give them terms to borrow you things, if they deny, they are your enemies

– consider people as best friends on the first sight, even you don’t know them

– make them as slaves or tools in your plans 

– manipulate  or blackmail them if they don’t act accord your wishes

So, people could say that Petra was friend of everybody, so generous, sweet and ready to help. She did it with purpose. She was using friends and later she would gossip them under their back. Anita was honest, she did not want to accept everyone as friend, but her intentions were pure. 

Problem with hypocrisy exists because some people are superficial. They will rather accept sweet words even that is not real and from the heart, than to accept honesty or truth. Person who refuses your friendship’s offer will be nasty, and others who accept you, even they have hidden purpose, will be labelled as good ones.

Which are wrong reasons to make friendships:

because your friend is rich

– he or she has parents with powerful influence in business circles

– that girl knows all handsome guys

– that guy has fast car and he can drive you everywhere

– she is friend with guy you love, she can help you to catch him

– he is popular and everybody like him

Smart person will see transparent intentions and it will be exposed.

Why you want to be friend with me? Who sent you? Who talked about me? Give me one good reason. The same things happen in social networks. Someone sent you request, ask you for hangout and you are best friends? It doesn’t work like that. Personal questions about your privacy are also not welcomed on first sight. You are not in police station that you should answer how old are you, are you married or other delicate things.

Friendship is seed which can grow in beautiful flower if you treat this properly. Or it can fade from the start.


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