Deja vu romance


When one relation comes to the end, couples are in pieces. Here is much anger, rage, sadness, frustrations. Wounds are fresh and one of the way to heal this could be sex with ex partner.

That moment is bomb with clock, because you never know what will happen after this.

If you ask women about sex with ex partner, their impressions are based on feelings. Women are very fragile when they lose lover , and sometimes they think that great sex will bring him back. If this would be true, then prostitutes and porno stars would never have breakups. 

Girl A said: “I think after night with me he will come back. His present girlfriend is really wood in bed.”

Girl B said: “I will refresh his memories and he will get it, what he lost indeed. I know his sensitive spots and i will reactivate them.”

Girl C said: “I went to his house in his favourite underwear, black panties and bra. I think he will call me soon.”

Sex is manipulative weapon, but it doesn’t mean that you can solve love problems with expert skills in the bed. You will make situation more subjective, your view will be based on passion and soon all will be the same, if you don’t talk about things which ruined your relation.

Men will see great chances in sex with ex girlfriends, but from other reasons.

Some of them are:

– So, i don’t have to bother with dinner or flowers, i don’t need to wait her for a month. We were in relation so we can sex first night after we drink coffee together.

– I don’t have obligation toward her. We broke once. So we can relax and forget reality for a while.

–  She excites me and i will not have problems with erection, she knows me, i don’t have to pretend. She is safe ground.

When you try to get close with ex partner, deja vu syndrome is at the door. Yes, once he hurted you. Once you had fight. Now you are again in the same movie with same actors, even you could predict the end. 

You wish different end and you think sex will help you?

Some advices:

Extend the game. Talk with him, don’t let him to get close with you so fast. You will have time to see situation clearly, and he will do more efforts to get you.

Try to found out his present status. Don’t let him do rush with things, because later he will jump out to other woman and you will stay broken. If he is still single, invite him to some nice places, find common interest, watch movie with him or go to take a walk on the beach.

Don’t remind him on past problems. Soon he will runaway, because it will remind him why he left away.

It is always good to watch both side of this problem, think about how much you can lose, and is your heart enough strong to survive possible damage. 

It takes two for a dance, so if he is sitting , don’t dance alone.


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