Kill me with your irony

Do you know those kind of people who are always silent, but somehow they cause troubles? Also, you must be familiar with people who are so sensitive that they express their feelings by tears and crying, even for banal reasons?

When troubles are on the way, it is important to find roots. Fish stinks from head, but who cooked that poisoned meal? The oldest game between humans is playing role of victim. This skill is spreading in every areas of society, so we will find thousand so called victims at school, work or in love relations.

Typical words of every “victim” are:

“It is not my fault. They made me to do this.”

” Everyone is against me.”

“They used me.”

” I did everything for her, but she is simply devil.”

” I am surrounded by bad people.”

” I am loving and kind person and everyone hurts me. Always.”

On first sight, you would consider victim as female. You are wrong, because victim has no gender. Some men will also very easy dress skin of victim, because that fits in their image.

If man is immature, irresponsible or spoiled, he will use female weapon to turn situation on his side. He can get compassion by his female friends , because he is so touchy and fragile, so nobody should hurt him.

That was Henry. He broke relation with Melissa, and everybody pity for him. Accord his story, Melissa was bad woman who seduced him and fooled him. She cheated him and after all she left. Henry’s mother was terrified by her, because Melissa was not sweet lady. She was straight forward, she did not even tried to change opinion by herself.  At first sight, people believed to Henry, but it was other side of this story. Henry was lazy and addicted to his mother. Every day she called him on the phone, to check his son, is he hungry, healthy or does he needs anything. Melissa got bored so she started to go out with her friends, because Henry was not fan of parties, it was too noisy for him. Melissa did not cheat him even she had chance, but her conscience did not let her to act different. Henry’s mother even offended Melissa but she never talked about this in front of Henry. Not to mention, Henry was skimpy, and in one year of relation Melissa did not get any gift from him. 

People use to crucify on cross those who are not so perfect, accord rules of society. 

If you have long tongue, if you speak honest, if you are sometimes ironic or you use sarcasm, you are perfect candidate to be enemy number one. Victims are sweet, soft, quiet and usually they agree with everybody. There is a point, so this kind of victims will usually make silent and hidden plans, how to dig grave for their competition. When all will be done, they will make innocent face and ask “What happened?”. Usually, they will kill you with their smile.


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