Story about fake hero and lion

Lion is for me symbol of power, danger and beauty. When american dentist Walter Palmer killed famous lion Cecil, i felt sadness. This 13 year old animal was dying 40 hours, and illegal hunter, ex sexual abuser , so called dentist Palmer made photo with his trophy, to brag about masculinity. It was toast to […]

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Vacation with selfie

  Do you remember summer holidays before cell phones and internet? Somewhere in the sea, while sunny rays shine, you are writing postcard to your friends and parents, to notify them how you have fun. Or you call them to talk about warm sea and how you get tanned, how many sexy guys are here […]

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Woman in offside

  It is hard to be woman these days. If you support men, feminists could label you as supporter of slavery. If you support equality between genders in every area of life, men will draw you mustaches. Additional problem is in your attitude toward football, somehow there are lot of traps you should avoid if […]

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Keep your mouth closed

Your lips are sealed and you hide something dangerous. Your secret is your prisoner because just right now you found out something harmful for person you love.  How to deal with secrets ?    Everyone could remember old days at school. Little boy got bad mark and now he has problem. How to bring bad […]

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Swinging in Rovinj

Rovinj is a sweet small city in Adriatic sea in Croatia. I was there for 5 years when famous DJ Carl Cox had music advent. It happened in Monvi center, place with nightclubs near the beach and surrounded by forest. Rovinj was famous also as swingers destination. Swinger couples had own nightclub for their gathering […]

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Fragile male-female friendship

Male-female friendships were always topic for discussion. Cool quote “we are just friends” is a good excuse for celebrities when they got caught in walking with a person from opposite gender, or while they are drinking coffee and they look very close. When jealous wife nag to her husband that he is too kind with […]

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7 bad habits at the workplace

  When you hold key of your privacy, lock the door. In these modern times, when “Big Brother” and bunch of reality shows rape our privacy, real art is how to hide your intimacy from unwanted trespass. One of the most dangerous areas in the workplace. Have you ever experienced, that you bring your job […]

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Free as a bird

  When I think about freedom, I have a vision of bird with huge wings. She flies without limits and sky is her space. Other birds will also fly and spread their wings without make damage to each other. This space is limitless and enjoyment is mutual. If we talk about human freedom, the way […]

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A labyrinth for lovers

  Is it possible to love two persons at the same time? If you are a passionate person, hypersensitive and addicted to romance, the answer is yes. Women who change their lovers will say that they love too much and that they try to find a perfect man but he doesn’t exist. They will find […]

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Love with a deadline

I will be older and smarter, we used to say after every birthday. As we are getting old, we don’t become smarter. We just easier handle some things than before, so correct thing is that we are wiser with ages. A good example is a person in love. Love will affect on the equal way […]

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