Keep it private


Internet could be great place. Meeting new people from different areas in the world, sharing opinions and making jokes, that is something what might make your day. If you don’t get it too serious, this could be your parallel world to spread ideas and enjoy in new acquaintances.

I was thinking about girl who deleted me because she has thought that i am fake. I had smirk on my face when i heard this, because i put everywhere my real photos , and if it looks fake that is indeed compliments, maybe are too good . 🙂 When we accuse someone about dishonesty, what we indeed think? Where are boundaries between hiding things or just protecting our privacy?

Some people forget limits of decency, they start to dig in everyone’s life, no matter is this neighbor or total stranger. What to do when virtual person judge you because you don’t reveal all about yourself?

It is not our duty to put our life into virtual plate. When i saw photos from funeral on one page, i was shocked. When i saw girl’s page, who posted her undies, i was on the edge of laugh. That is ridiculous thing , on one hand we could complain about busybody neighbor, and on other hand we will expose our dirty room on internet?

Privacy is not open playground. Even some people like to make photos about every detail in their life, i am against it. Personally, i will value person accord her beliefs and way of expression. I don’t care about race, gender, sexuality, religion or size . That person on internet doesn’t pay my bills neither i share table with her. Tomorrow the same person i shared my thoughts could block me, and why i would waste my time?

I think people became too naive with appearance of internet. All this quarrels because of something what was posted on internet, why this happens? Someone was clumsy and naive. Isn’t it better to keep your space for yourself? I am not Britney Spears, so why should anyone know about my lunch or what i talked with my husband on our anniversary?

When i see person who will not open too easy, her price increase in my eyes. So, that is someone i could trust more. I don’t like kind of radio friends. When i talk about me on internet, randomly guy mentioned my husband who was not online. So, what my husband had with my status? I was just thinking how people are mean, empty and nasty in this moment. Lucky, not all people, that is why creeps mostly runaway from me. In my privacy is not hole to dig for own purposes.

Why i was never interested for other secrets, unless you offer me access? I have enough of my plans, problems, visions, and i have no time and space for gossips. That is why girl who deleted me could not be more wrong. She was on wrong address when she asked for attention.



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