Emotional fence


 If you don’t touch fire you will not get burn, if you don’t swim you will not drown. Stay at home and you will not have car accident.

Is that kind of life right one? Imagine that you live in closed box, as little rabbit. There is warm and safe, but soon you will have problems with breathing and moving. Your space is limited. Fear is your master and he doesn’t let you to live free.

Two friends, Travis and Anthony were talking about girls. Travis is womanizer, and Anthony is single, he never had girlfriend.

Travis said: 

I don’t know how to please this women. They made me so many problems. One girl is hurted because i did not call her after sex. Other is hurted because i did not want to sleep with her. Whatever i do, i do wrong. Recently i met new girl and she was beautiful. Then she said that she can’t go out on places where i am going. She hates death metal, and why should i give up from my music because of stupid bimbo?

Anthony replied:

I don’t have such problems. It is better to be alone then with such girls. I have 30 and i am still alone. Probably i will stay alone forever. I could not share my flat with any women, i have my lifestyle and women just talk too much, they are too sensitive and touchy. 


When you built emotional fence around yourself, you close door to new experiences. With years, you will gain less and less interests. First, girls will be interested for cute and grumpy young guy with hard and unavailable attitude. Later, all will give up because new guys are coming. 

People with bulletproof heart are interesting on first sight. After you see that your attempts are in vain, you will back off. This is like one woman stayed virgin forever. Young virgin is good shot, but old virgin, woman from 50 years? No way.

Jump over this fence and search for love match even you get hurt. Better to bleed inside of heart than to put ice around it.


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