Damned virtual addiction


As little girl i was playing with other children on the playground. Our clothes were often dirty and few times i fall from bicycle but under tears was always a smile. As teenager i went in cafe bars and night clubs, and during summer river was my favorite place for gathering . Later we were travelling to the sea and enjoyed in parties on the beach. The same pattern i use now days because life exists on fresh air and in nature. 

I am also big fan of internet and social networks. Great way to meet many various people which i could never met in my real life because they are too far from me. Also internet is an excellent tool to expand my knowledge and save my time, to get info on faster way. If you don’t use internet, you can’t fit in. 

Side effect of internet is big addiction. Once people were addicted to pills, drugs and cigarettes, but now days internet addiction is going forward and more and more victims are in this spider net. 

In Croatia young addicts to internet, especially Facebook are healing in psychiatric clinic named Vrapče. That are young people. Recently, there was boy , 16 years old, who was not outside 5 years. He was addicted to games and social networks. He lost hair and his skin had dangerous changes, as kind of allergy. I wonder, why his mother waited 5 years to take him into clinic?

Young people are the biggest victims of internet. 

It is very dangerous if their first interaction with other people is with a help of computer. He will not find contacts in real life. Big leader on Facebook, but big loser in real life. He is playboy on social networks, but so shy in reality. Also, people with bad intention on networks are everywhere. Woman, 40 years old, married, she wants fresh young meat, seduce guy in front of camera and he is spending days to see her. Child abusers spread their claws to catch victims. Men try to catch young girls, and kind of sects want to collect new members. It is easy to catch person without real experience, for any kind of internet adventures. Games, chats, associations. Danger is in every corner. 

When you can say  that you are addicted to internet?

You spend more than 5 hours on internet.

You broke contacts in real life and your number of virtual friends is over thousand.

Every story you talk about is connected with internet.

You forget about your daily obligations.

If you have no connection at your computer, you are nervous , you ask for cyber caffe, mobile network or any way to connect on internet.

Internet is great bonus to your real life

Balance with real experiences is good combination. Today i want to go in the trip , in the forest. I will not bring laptop or cell phone. I want to breath. Yesterday it was raining so i was there , in front of my computer. 

There is good joke about internet and reality. Guy lost internet connection and spent evening with his parents. He said: ” Indeed, they are nice people, i did not know this before.”

If we stare to our computers day by day, we will know all about our virtual friends. But, maybe we will forget that today is birthday of our parents. Your wife will remind you on anniversary. How you did not know this? Because  you stop to care, you are on the level 200 of Mafia wars or Candy crush saga. 


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