Story about man without conscience


I was long time misguided about some male’s act. I was thinking that man who is nasty to other woman, could behave different with me, because i can act better than my competition. Or that i am better, with more qualities, so nasty hooligan will turn into prince charming thanks to me. This illusion was alive until the day i had bitter experience.

I was laughing to my acquaintanes, three girls who were easy available for men. Everyone’s knew that threesome will change guys every month or weekend, and that they have bad reputation.

Me, as good girl had perception about them. I thought, they offer themselves to that man, they are constantly drunk or beg for attention. I wanted to be part of their circle as my social experiment. I wanted to feel so free with Diane, Sarah and Jill. So they accepted me because i done favor to them, i had info about Diane’s rival so they marked me as their spy. Soon i realized that they are not filty girls. They were no stupid. One of them was studying medicine, other was employed and third was already mother, a single mother. I was student then. So, as their new girl i was introduced to male part of this team, and so, they all became very interested for me.

That night Joe, one of the guys wanted to be alone with me. He was drinking, i was drinking. We were talking and joking, so Diane said to me that i am maybe his next girlfriend, because he is familiar womanizer . I remember moment when me and Joe stayed alone. He pushed me into toilet, in intention to make love with me. I was drunk, and it was so funny to me, as game. Then, one little sober part of my brain started to work. I realized, that guy could use me, or worse, to rape me. Just, this thought did not save me. What saved me, was person in front of toilet who desperately wanted to pee. He was knocking and hitting the door so Joe gave up. 

Few weeks later Joe started to date with my cousin. It was too much for me, so i had conflict with her. Then i got a point, hooligan doesn’t chooose and make difference between women. He is equal toward all women, no matter who is she, his neighbor, colleague or lover. The only difference is which woman is smarter, who will tease him, who will shut up, or who will just runaway. Joe was man who slept well without conscience.

Nowadays, when i see men how they act toward other ladies, i see their image. I see how they treat their mother at home. I see how they act in publicity. So, if i feel loyalty and respect, if i see manners, i will know there is a chance that man is a good man. It is not guarantee, but that is good material.

Sometimes i remember Diane, Jill and Sarah. They all got married for some wild guys, i have heard they not treat them well. Just, this time i don’t judge girls. I judge man who could not see something worthy of respect in all them. Man who did not give them chance.


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