We are not in the same movie


Did you ever wonder why is so hard to find a common language with some persons? Here is nice quote: “We are not in the same movie.”

It happens on the first sight or during years, when people change their city, work, or they simply live in different circumstances. It is the same feeling as you are driving a car, and another person has no clue about it.

Two friends, Jacob and Sam talked about girls. Jacob is a virgin and Sam is a playboy. Jacob thinks that Sam is using women, and Sam thinks that Jacob is very naive.

Recently Jacob met beautiful girl Pamela. They are dating about few weeks and Jacob asked an advice from his experienced friend.

Did you have sex with her?

– It is too early, I even did not kiss her yet.

– Damn man, what are you doing, she will dump you. She will find you so boring indeed.

– I don’t like hot and easy women, I love to talk with the girl, hold her hand, listen to slow music and to look her into eyes.

– You must be frozen man. Go back into 16th  century. 

Two weeks later.

How did you know this Sam?

– Because I have experience buddy. Women don’t like pushy guys, but also if you don’t show her how much you like her, if she is the girl of hot temper, she will think that you are looser.

– She was not women for me then. She was too wild, noisy, I almost feel ashamed of her.

Sam showed grumpy face but he did not want to say anything more. When views are different, it is indeed hard to find common sense. Jacob had an ideal vision of an ideal woman in his head, and Sam was more on the ground. Once when Jacob will cross his purity line, they will understand each other better. 


So, when someone says: “You are not on this path, don’t judge me.”, that is key to misunderstanding

How can we help a person if we don’t know anything about her or him if we are not even close to this area?

The even worse situation happens if we poke nose, judge or complain to some people, just because they don’t fit in our vision. An open mind will try to understand, and closed mind will make another limit. That is the difference.


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