Seduce him as real woman


What he wants and how to get his attention? This question will make many women in attempts to seduce right guy.

If men want to be the first lover to their women, for sure women want to be last woman in their bed.  There is no girl after me, he is mine forever – women will say.

So, how to keep him forever?  Woman in love is able to do anything. No matter if man is married,  if he lives so far away from her, or if he is already taken, some women will use all tools to get particular guy. Some women will cry, other will force or beg and even try to fight with fists with their competition.

Main mistakes are next:

  try to capture someone by force (if you don’t want me, i will make your life miserable)

– despair (i will make suicide if you don’t want me)

– delusional tools (spells, prayers – if he doesn’t want you, believe me, no prayer and spell which can help you)

– gossips (if you want to remove competition by spreading lies about other woman, it can be as boomerang)

– to hire messenger (don’t involve others in your attempts to catch someone – man can fall in love in your friend, or he can simply be disappointed  and felt like he is in trap)

There are type of women who use wrong ways to approach to men.


sister role – she drinks beers with him, she is his buddy, shoulder for crying, and she is his label, but she doesn’t see that his interests is different

mother role – she brings him sandwiches, she check is his jacket comfortable and if he is getting cold she calls doctor and cook tea every hour. If you are not already in relation with him, don’t do this for him, you remind him on his mother

boss role – she is making orders, she decide where will they go, what will he wear, and also circle of their friends, from the start it will break


So, you ask me what to do ?


Be spontaneous – smile like girl. Let he feels that you are young in soul.

Act as you are full of energy – nobody likes dead nature.

Behave as you are unavailable at first sight – you have many offers, so keep him on distance for a while.

Pretend that you are busy – you will have more interests.

He will notice you. It is important that you entered in his space. Once he noticed you, let him to lead this game. Different men need different strategies, but search his weak spots and shot there.

Your main card is your femininity, let he thinks that he started this game first, let he speaks and suggests . If it doesn’t work out, focus on next target. Don’t waste too much time for someone who is not worthy. 

If he doesn’t want you, it doesn’t mean that you are ugly. Simply, maybe you are not accord his standards or he is already taken. You will walk away with dignity and ask for guys who are interested. 

Seduction is a game, and only the best players will have best results. 


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