Are you person who knows too much?


Let’s assume that is good to know answers on all questions. If you are living encyclopedia, you are useful to everybody. They will not remember and you will remind them, what is the name of movie which made them cry, song when they get drunk for a first time or who was neighbor who lived in your street before ten years.

Sometimes, it’s better to be silent. If they already call you smart ass, you are not favourite one. It sounds irritating, you know everything. 

Jim was one of that kind. Every time in class his hand is in the air, he knows history better than teacher and he is local Einstein. He is member of MENSA and he is proud of that. His classmates don’t like him, he is pain in the ass. Not because he is smart, it’s because he is a pest. Everybody should be happy to see hole in his knowledge, at least something to make him less perfect.

So one day Jim fall in love in Mabel. She was sweet little girl , few years younger than him and they start to dating. They were good couple, and first she was proud because her boyfriend knows everything. One day she went grumpy at birthday, so her friends asked her for a reason.

– He is so bad lover. He can’t excite me at all. Not to mention orgasms, it will not happen with him. He knows everything about space, but woman body is enigma for him. That is tragedy.

This confession spreads around because Mabel’s friends could not keep a secret. Jim became subject of jokes. The top of party was on his birthday, when classmates bought him a gift. He opened box and there was book with title : “How to deal with impotency?” Jim was blushing. He was sad and angry in the same time, especially when someone said : “For sure he will find answer on this question too, or he will deal with his little friend. “

Which is familiar behavior for nerds?

He is full of self confidence, because he knows everything.

He will run for attention, his knowledge should not be unnoticed.

He is talking too much.

He is angry if anyone correct them.

He is participant in every discussion.

He is meticulous.

Dork from classroom, your boring neighbor, boss at work, they are all nerds. When your boss shows disdain on everything what you did, he is not so clever. He is just smart ass and his position made him higher than God. 

Imagine pushy woman who pretend to knows everything, that is not so sexy. Sometimes, silent woman with smile at face is mysterious seductress. She maybe knows more than girl with glasses who is barking all the time. For sure, men are allergic on women who talks like open radio, without pause. They wish to find their turn off buttons.

Really smart person will know when to shut up and when to talk. Also that person will not interrupt others while they are talking. Nerd is positive person if brain is in the background. If not, you have to deal with an ass. 


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