Party time in the office


If you have job, you will spend at least 40 hours a week with your business partners. You did not choose people who are your office roommates but you must share part of your life with them. That can be really annoying, because you never know what kind of person you can get to cooperate at work.

When you are lucky, your roommate will be quiet, focused at work and she or he will not poke nose at your private life unless you don’t want to share your privacy. Sometimes, you can get real monster in your office, and you must be ready for cold war.

The worst office monsters:

smoker who want to choke you with cigarettes, even smoking is forbidden in office

– woman who is barking on the phone whole day , with voice as crow

– parrot roommate, person who will copy your ideas and represent this as own

– snitch, he or she can report you to main boss if you get late at work or with deadlines

– person who is spreading rumors about you to ruin your reputation

– the host who will gathering all people from work in your office room, they will drink coffee and disturb you in every part of the day

– D.J. who can’t live without noisy music , your office will be radio station

Now you can imagine that someone gets idea about party with that kind of persons, out of your working time. Come on people, it is Christmas or New year, let’s make small office party and let’s be together at private, because we are working together and we like each other so much.

My ex boss had an awful habit, to make small parties for her birthday in her room. She gathered about 20 people from our department, we were sitting around her desk and she wanted to make us smile. Her stories were during the war, as Albert in “Only fools and horses.” 

Something like that:

Do you remember the file we solved and fat woman who did not want to accept your solution? She called us every day until security did not throw her out.

So, after work or in work break, let’s talk about work again. We must smile. Why don’t you smile? After my ex boss finished her story, all were smiling, it was sour and artificial smile because people wanted to please her wishes. In that time i loved my watch so i waited moment to get out, that nobody notice. Suddenly toilet was my best friend because it was reason that i can left this room without too much explanation. Even my clients became my favorite people in compare to boring boss.

If we live in democracy, why we don’t have choice to avoid such gathering? Freedom of rights, thoughts, expressions, all this is only written on paper. The truth is , democracy at work doesn’t exist in right sense. We have choice between worse and the worst.


What will happen if you say no to office parties?

boss will deny your promotion

– you can get harder task or work overtime

– people will gossip you

– you can get bad mark in the end of your business year

When someone is on business top, that is an opportunity to spread power in the way that person wants

Let’s have party but on mine way. I am the boss and i will tell you when you need to smile, when you will dance and what kind of music is good. Why you are so anti social person, so quiet, numb or dumb? You need to be happy because you have job and all this wonderful people around you. If you are not happy, we can find your replacement very soon.


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