Real winner knows all about priorities

One of the biggest advantages in life is to know what you want. You might know this already, but you did not give up from other options. So, it could look like this : “Well, i would like to be a writer, but entrepreneur is also not bad choice. I would like to get marry, but i can’t stop flirting. I would like to stay in my city, but living in Australia is also good choice. ” This is hesitation and life on two or more chairs.

Very lucky person will have good choice. Some people were born with gold spoon in their mouth and life will give them many options. Well, as much they are sure that they are multi talented, results will show an opposite. Look at Bruce Willis, good actor, but once when he sung “Under the board walk”, we did not want to hear him again. So many people will try themselves in many areas, sometimes they will behave ridiculous, so convinced how great they are.

Know where is your place. You might do excellent pie, but you sing as alarm for disaster. You might dance well, but you are bad actor. 

Sometimes we are not sure in our life choices, because questions about profession, life partner or workplace are hard question.


You might ask yourself:

Is that job my dream job?


Can i manage in some other area?


Do i like or love this guy?


Do i wish to stay safe or my city is place where i wish to live?

When we are not clear in our expectations, often we are wondering about our results. This is situation, you want to get a job, but you pray to stay unemployed. You want to date with someone, but indeed you would like adventure. 

Do you want this so bad that your life would depend on this ? Or you just want the same thing as your colleague, neighbor or rival, just to get them mad?

This is situation where Linda seduced her rival’s husband, cause she wanted to get her mad. Cassie, her rival, could not believe her eyes when she saw them kissing in park. Linda did not stay with him later. She said : “I wanted to turn you favor , dear Cassie. You seduced my love in high school and i had abortion cause of you, but now i had sex with your husband. No, i don’t want him as lover, take him back. “


Our motives are unknown when we go for something what is not necessary for us. Yes, it could be nice to owe this, but it is not so valuable. Human nature is greedy , especially if we compete with someone. 

Winner knows how to save time, to find priorities and to spare himself troubles. Know your preferences, and others will recognize it too.



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