The prince charming without tools


Once you met a guy who made your voice tremble. His kisses were the best you ever tasted, and he was the realization of your dreams. You hold his hand, he buys you gifts and his words are poetry, suddenly you feel as you are on the top of the world. He was perfect, but your romance had a black side.

That was a story from a fairy tale and Tracy experienced this. All her friends were jealous of her, they envy because Albert was really gorgeous and well-mannered guy. When Tracy came grumpy on the birthday party of her best friend Sally, she asked her:

Come on, what is going on with you? Troubles in paradise?

Tracy could not be quiet anymore, and she discovered her secret. Her prince charming Albert was a bad lover. In fact, they just tried to make love, but every attempt fail. Tracy was six months in a nightmare because she felt like she is not desirable anymore.

Albert had impotence problems. He was angry and sad at the same time, and as time was passing by, he started to avoid sex with Tracy. It was like prison punishment for him because he knew he will again be embarrassed, weak, all that every man is aware of. They talked, and little by little, Tracy found out his problem. He had sexual experiences only with escort ladies and prostitutes. Tracy was first normal woman he wanted to have sex because he loved her and he respected her. But, he used to deviant skills in bed, and Tracy was not professional as a prostitute. Albert separated love from sex, and indeed sex was something dirty for him. Why make dirty such pure feeling as love is? They visited a therapist to help them, and Tracy had much patience. Albert was indeed new in this world where sex and love are not separated, he needs to learn that making love and feeling love is connected things.



Impotence is a big problem for a couple in relation. A woman will feel undesirable and she will be suspicious, and man will feel without power and without tools. Some couples simply don’t fit in sex and it can be the reason for the breakup.

There is more kind of impotence because every guy can be in a situation that he sometimes fail. 

What makes difference between temporary impotence and impotence? 

Sometimes, men will not feel hot. 

This is examples:

if the guy is cheating his girlfriend with another woman, he can feel guilty and he can have a problem in sex

– when a guy is drunk, it can cause problems

– if the guy is not experienced, he can have a fear that he will fail, especially if a woman has more experience

– when a man doesn’t feel hot accord particular woman, simply because that woman is not attractive enough for him ( some men are sensitive and they will get cold if they don’t like woman body)

– dating with prostitutes can make different perception, as in Albert example

When a man has health problems, as diabetes, it can cause permanent damage to his sexual life. Smokers are also in a risk group. Accord scientists, smoking can make problems in blood wrists and it has an influence on erection.

If you and your partner are not in harmony as lovers after a long time of trying, what to do? The decision is only yours, and don’t let that other involved in your personal problem. He can take pills as Viagra, but it is questioned how much it can damage his health and this is also not a natural instinct. Like you force man to desire you.

This decision is not about the moral question, if you leave your partner because he is not a good lover for you, this is your choice. 

Sex is as money. Only sex can’t make you happy, but if you are without sex long time, you will not feel happy too. Some women find lovers, others stay in such relations, and some simply leave to find a man who will please their wishes. As the quote says: Carpe diem – Enjoy until you can. 


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