Smothered in vanity


Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. That is old Latin proverb. All is in vanity. It talks about someone who think that is center of the world. Such people thinks they are always the smartest, the most beautiful and perfect in everything. They will not accept other opinion, but they will teach and preach others, because this is their mission in this world.

If you want to capture heart of such person, just play on vanity. Even this vanity is their weapon, also it can turn into weakness and hit them back as boomerang. Once you press that button, your way is open to get what you wish. Even to make revenge.

Some women believe that they can have every guy they met. Tracy is a model and she is beautiful. She thinks that every guy on internet is here to admire to her photos and her beautiful face and body. World is spinning around her. She thinks that every woman is a bitch who is jealous on her. Once she was in long relation, about four years. She moved in another country because she fall in love in stranger. Soon she realized that he is not her slave and that he will not please to her wishes just because she is beautiful. She cried every day but it did not help. At least, they split. She was specially disappointed because her guy is now dating with ordinary woman. What he found on her? She is not so beautiful, cool, trendy as Tracy and her photos are not in magazine. Just, she is warm person with high sense for reality and Tracy lost this game.

Louis XIV was french king in 13 century, with famous quote – State that i am. Nowadays some politicians act accord his rules. Vanity instead of democracy, first me and my wishes because i am the most important, and then let’s look from heights at others. After all, this crowd voted for me and i am the king.


Vanity is in every area of life. Tell your boss that he brought good decision and you will have benefits. Tell woman that she is pretty and maybe you will have luck to get sex. If you tell your teacher that he is your role model, maybe you will have excellent mark at the end of school year. Tell your friend that he is the best and he will make you favor when you need him.

Love yourself and have healthy confidence. It doesn’t mean that you must underestimate all around yourself like they are less worthy. If your vanity is your master, you can lose person you love and support of your friends. Still you will have crown but you will sit on the top of the world alone.

The biggest parade of vanity happens in internet. How many fake profiles with models,  singers, authors who brag about their fame. How many rich guys with expensive cars and big bank account. How many women who are young on their profile photos forever. All this exist until someone remove curtain. When you expose all that vanity only shame will stay, in her modesty and truth. This person could be choked in own vanity, because she swallowed too big slice.


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