Making love and having sex are not the same thing

Two people are walking and hold their hands, talking and sharing their thoughts and attitudes. You will think how wonderful is it. This is similar as you are watching dress during shopping and admire to shape and size, but you did not manage to see quality of this material. The same is with love couples, everyone has own story and it would be naive to believe in others’s version.

Platonic love happens while two people are talking and don’t touch each other, from fear what will other side think about his intentions. If you love someone, you are afraid to act and ruin everything. Or maybe not? After two partners made love, game of power starts. Sex is poison in small bottles otherwise you might overdose. In this trade of power partner who controls libido wins.

During sex we are witnesses that hormone of happiness, serotonin is secreted and partners got connection with each other. More sexual relations, more are chances of losing control and partner becomes tool of manipulation in hands of stronger ones. Sex is as medicine with notes, but mistakes during act will cost you of mental illness. The biggest mistake you can do is to fall on guy who will blackmail you with sex. “If you will not have sex with me, i will leave you. ” Isn’t it kind of rape? If you really blow it, do you think that he is forever yours and that everything will be all right?

So, making love is beautiful thing based on emotions, but it makes differences from rough sex which purpose is physical discharge and satisfaction of needs. You make love with person who shown you loyalty and respect before this act. This is cream on the cake. You are not quick hamburger not worthy of memory. All what you need is self control and good sight in future. What will happen next is big question, also why is someone rushing to make love with you, as there is no time.

These are signs of fast adventure:

If partner is rushing to get you into bed, he wants to get rid of you very fast – the only excuse is big illness, if he wish to make love for the last time, but in this situation he would not insist on sex because he is sick of everything.

If he blackmails you with other women, don’t buy it. Aren’t you irreplaceable? Btw, if he has already substitute, he doesn’t think seriously. You are not in football team as reserve player who will sit on the bench.

If he calls you only in evening hours, that is sign he hurry up with things. Why you can’t walk daily? Why he waited midnight for call, aren’t you miss him before?

He offers you alcohol to relax. Or, to be easier trophy for bed?

Your conversation topic is about sex, about ex partners and pleasures in bed. This is red light, you are in center of his interests, just this is not romantic, just sexual focus.

Sex is full of chemical ingredients. You mix it on regular way, be a good scientists. After that think about what you wish, relation or affair. Sometimes your story will go on second path and you will fall in love in your lover so your heart will desire more. 

Sometimes hot night with lover will chill you out. Sex is unpredictable, but it depends on you to do your best. The point is, don’t lie to yourself, are you having sex or make love.

I do understand how woman’s brain work when they realize that they have slept with guy who is not into them. This fish runs from the hook. Then women think: “Well, i don’t care either, let he do what he wish. “

Well, you can make a test about your mental strength. If he doesn’t call you a few days, and you don’t feel nothing, this was mutual sex without emotions. If you see him with another woman, and you don’t care, you pass this test and you are honest with yourself, about pure sex intentions. Well, if you start to cry, send him desperate messages and ask him why he is a jerk, then you made love, and he just take an advantage of you. 

This is your lesson, maybe you are loser this time, but next time you will win because this bitter experience will teach you about rules of this cruel game.


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