Free as a bird


When I think about freedom, I have a vision of bird with huge wings. She flies without limits and sky is her space. Other birds will also fly and spread their wings without make damage to each other. This space is limitless and enjoyment is mutual.

If we talk about human freedom, the way is different. People are not angels and certainly, they are not birds. 

Only in fantasies, people are treated on the equal way. Real life includes selfishness, rudeness, competition, and race, even running over the corpses. So in any way, human freedom must have some boundaries and wars happened just because some group of people wanted to occupy freedom for themselves.

Think about next example. Early morning Patricia came into her office and start to smoke. Her colleagues are not smokers, but she never asks them for permission. Later she will open window, even outside is not always warm, the wind is blowing, depends on the season this air is not always welcomed. After this Patricia start to talk with her daughter on phone and during the day she will accept any messages from her family members. She raises her voice and makes noise. When her colleagues said to her to behave, she is offended.

I have my freedom. – that is her answer.

No, you are not alone here. This is not just your office. Think about others too.

Human freedom should be limited to others wishes. We are free as long we don’t hurt each other. What is good for you is not always good for others. Your enjoyment will be punishment for others. Can you make a compromise, to enjoy and not to hurt others?

Clever people will always make a balance between their wishes and others needs. 

How can we enjoy in our freedom and not hurt others at the same time?

Choose time and place for your enjoyment. You like to smoke, but there is space for this. Don’t spread your poison to others.

Ask others do they mind, before you take an action. Maybe some will disagree, but at least your question shows respect.

Learn how to apologize. If you do something wrong, apologize for your bad behavior. Your freedom will not be damaged by an apology.

Make a deal. For example, your boyfriend will watch a football match, and next time you will watch your favorite soap opera. Freedom of choice will be great on both sides because you make a compromise.

When you say that you are free to do what you wish, that is not exactly true.

There will be moments when your freedom will make a lot of damage. You can’t listen to music as you are in rock concert if you live in flat and others are sleeping. If you try to make your own rules, soon you will be alone against the whole world. Your freedom will be a target for other ‘s frustrations. It is not pleasant to be at war with everybody, and sooner or later you will back off. 

A wise person enjoys own freedom after compromises with others. Sometimes, this is not possible. Human stubbornness is also one of the obstacles to peace and harmony. You can’t push head against the wall, but you can choose your ways. If somebody has so much freedom to make damage to your principles, you will stand up against this.

Some people are free just because other’s accepted to be their servants and slaves. Husband is cheating wife and she can’t leave the house without his permission. What you allow yourself, you will also allow to others. Of course, this is not the same if you cheat or if you are cheated. You are happy with your adventures, but how do you feel when your partner also start to flirt around? It is not funny anymore.

Whatever you do, you are not alone and you depend on someone. Whatever works so long until nobody gets hurt. If you try to expand your space for free with force, don’t expect others will approve your acts just like that. One day you will meet a person with the same habits as yours. Even worse, you will fight for your free space. 

Look at this birds in the sky. You can’t fly on the same way. The sky is limitless, but the ground is here and you will wake up with pains once when you fall down.


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