Woman in offside


It is hard to be woman these days. If you support men, feminists could label you as supporter of slavery. If you support equality between genders in every area of life, men will draw you mustaches. Additional problem is in your attitude toward football, somehow there are lot of traps you should avoid if you don’t wish to be judged.

Saponia, Croatian industry of chemicals made promotional spot inspired by EURO 2016, about woman who wash man’s shirt until he is having fun as football supporter, with his friends. Message was “behind every supporter is his woman. ” So, on first sight, funny way to say men that they are powerless without women, because they could not wash their shirt alone. This raise big dust between feminists, who felt discriminated and humiliated, because promotional spot made woman as servant, accord their opinion. At the end, Saponia marketing experts  apologize and made withdraw , so publicity has no pleasure anymore to see this funny video. 

Football is great opportunity for marketing so i don’t see nothing bad in this advertising. Do i feel as humiliated maid when i wash my husband’s shirt? Yes, we will go in football corner to see match against Czech Republic, and i will wash mine and his shirt. If this makes me slave, than my partner is slave too, because he made popcorn every time when we watched match. Is this sense of one marriage or relation, that we measure every act we do for each other? 

Somehow, it became popular to treat husbands as less worthy in some situations. When i said at work that i wish to spent vacation with my husband and this is reason i harmonize my schedule, boss looked at me as i am an alien. “Well, you will watch him all your life. So you need vacation with him, too? ” What is appropriate then, to spend vacation with friends? I am sorry, i am not so trendy so i don’t have single friends who wish to go in the sea with me and even if i had i would not be interested. There is no pleasure for me that i lay half naked in the beach until some jerk is staring at me and my female friends try to set me up date with sexy stranger. I enjoy in mutual vacation with my partner . 

I will not act like dominatrix and say that i don’t want wash and iron our clothes. In my world we don’t compare who did this and that, frankly, i don’t remember how many times he made lunch and how many times i made. I also wish to say that i am employed , educated and i know very well my rights, but i am not in war with my partner , because our marriage is not battlefield. 

Those who mind for this promotional spot must think about themselves. You are woman and you hate football, so this is your way to say “turn of television. ” 12% women , accord one poll watch football matches with their partners. I read one article about women who cheat partners because they don’t pay attention on them during Championship. Dear ladies, is that a way to pull attention on yourself because he watch Cristiano Ronaldo instead to whisper in your ear? 

Women will say : “What is so interesting in game where man run for ball 90 minutes?” I am asking you, what is so interesting in Mexican soap operas with predictable scenario, something like this : “Pedro and Juan fall in love in the same girl Rosa, and Rosa must choose between two of them, so what will happen next? Will Juan kill his brother Pedro to get love of beautiful Rosa?” In this moment your lunch is burning and your husband stays hungry. So, is that smaller damage than dirty and sweaty football shirt? Your partner maybe spill beer in living room during football match, but you can throw your lunch into garbage because of two Mexican brothers. We all have our small weaknesses. 

Until i wait next match with my bet ticket , shirt is drying on the wind and i don’t feel less woman because of this. Lucky me because i don’t need any progressive female group to remind me on my rights. And what would be if man would wash his shirt in this promotional spot? Men would complain, or maybe not ? Saponia should respond on this critics with another video, this time with man who is making popcorn in kitchen until his wife is watching Luka Modric in the action. We women are so sensitive that we need approval that our battle was not without reason. 

If you are wise woman, you will not let everyone to push you in this offside. This so called battle is indeed trick . You are equal as much as you show. If you need to blackmail your partner with washing laundry , your relation is seriously damaged already. 


2 thoughts on “Woman in offside

  1. I think that many of these political movements actually are counterproductive to the causes they represent. I have no problem doing house chores. I don’t see that as a male/female issue. Men and women should be paid according to the jobs that they perform and not by their gender. That being said, I believe that we should celebrate the differences between genders and not try to make them the same.

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