Destroy my illusion

If you wish to break someone’s heart, break his illusion. Reality is often cruel and when person lives in the cloud, fall on the ground is very painful. Special sensitive area is love, if you persuade people about their misleads, they will hate you at first sight, but later they will be grateful. Daughters will hate their mothers because they forbid them to date with wrong guys, or they said the truth into their faces. Teenagers will often talk how they hate parents , but later they will do the same to their children, just to lead him on right life path.

Illusions are bubbles, they don’t last forever, and they will pass with time or something will broke them, after suddenly and unexpected action, with shock effect. What you feel inside when you lost your dream? You will hate person who told you the truth, because you feel offended. Your ego was so stupid and did not see the obvious thing.

Penelope had 19 when she fall in love hard in his professor at college. He was married, with one daughter, and very sexy. They were dating secretly and Penelope did not complain, because he promised her to get divorce. One year passed, they were still on the same, but Penelope loved him and waited her moment. Her friend Stella could not watch this anymore, so she decided to invite her in restaurant where professor usually had lunch with his family, at weekend. Girls went there for a drink, right on time when he was in the middle of lunch. Atmosphere was very cheerful because his daughter celebrated birthday. They made toast to her, she was 13 years old. His wife was very elegant, with expensive shoes and purse, she reminded on younger version Meryl Streep. Penelope looked at his lover, but he pretend he did not notice her. Stella went to their table to take bottle with salt and asked professor : “How are you, Mr Smith? I am here with your best student Penelope.” He just smiled and did not say nothing. For few days he called Penelope to said her : “You put me in wrong situation dear girl, i had a lot problems to explain my wife who are you. ” 

Penelope was crying and they broke up. She blamed Stella that she ruined her relation and they did not talk one period of time. In her eyes, Stella was envious friend who destroyed her love. Later, when Penelope collected herself, when she woke up, she called Stella to beg her for apology. Lucky, Stella was soft heart so she accepted Penelope back.

Situations which open our eyes are not pleasant. 

It is not nice to hear from your boss that you are not doing your job well. It is hard to swallow true words, for example statement that you are overweight, not so young or joke about your bad hair day, in the moment when you think different about yourself. 

Ego creates illusions, because we are convinced that we know our best. 

The same ego will lead us into big troubles in unknown areas, when we don’t know nothing about person or we don’t have enough experience. This is your journey, you are going somewhere without taking info where is this place, and when you get disappointed everybody will be culprits, just not you.

Life in dreams is bed of roses. You are fascinated with smell of roses, but they have deadline. After this deadline they fade, and later this bed will stink, if you don’t throw away faded flower.


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