Unfriended, deleted, blocked

Once when you are connected with someone as friend you share everything. Tears, laugh, joy, sadness. You are confident, many secrets stay hidden and relation develops as kind of blood connection. Having a friend is a treasure, loss of friend is damage. Technology surprised us with new phenomenon called virtual friends. As much internet separates […]

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Man from the cave

  Once upon a time there was man in the cave. His duty was to feed his family, to make fire and to defend his woman from beasts. He was strong and tough, and all were afraid of him. Despite of fear,  they felt safe in his presence. During centuries things changed, technology give us […]

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Don’t be in the backstage

  You know the feeling when you enter into night club with your best friend, and everybody are looking at her. Guys are racing to get her drink, even waiter is confused and she has million dance partners. You are somewhere in the background, waiting for pieces of her star dust. Some people are born […]

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The resistant couples

One day you woke up with a feeling of love. Your heart is opened, people are beautiful, suddenly you greet all neighbors and you repeat the same song on the CD. “I will always love you” from legend Whitney Houston. You found that perfect guy and sacred promise is that you will always love him. […]

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The mousetrap for adults

We are all victims of some kind of illusions because life is more beautiful in dreams. It is better to drink and watch a movie about perfect life than waking up with alarm in the early morning and go to work which you don’t like but you need money to survive. Viral mouse traps are […]

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Being easy or hard trophy?

It is possible very fast to rate someone as easy to get. Jump in other bed after 2 days of dating, changing guys more often that socks, and running for someone who doesn’t want you. When gossips start, the question is “Why they labelled me as easy?” And why he is not an easy man, […]

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Stress – daily follower

We all pass through this, in every area of life. In the moment of stress whole body has primary task, to prepare organism for survival. That is why pressure is high, heart is beating too fast and your hands are shaking and headache is terrible.  40 hours at week is average time which every person […]

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Pop -up friend

  This connection started in childhood, the same moment when Harry was in the playground and  made first eye contact with this little girl. She was playing in the sand and her pink skirt was dirty, but she did not care about this, her smile was contagious. That is how Harry and Lilian met for […]

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