Unfriended, deleted, blocked


Once when you are connected with someone as friend you share everything. Tears, laugh, joy, sadness. You are confident, many secrets stay hidden and relation develops as kind of blood connection. Having a friend is a treasure, loss of friend is damage.

Technology surprised us with new phenomenon called virtual friends. As much internet separates people because we stare in our gadgets more than we should do, also internet connect people from different part of the world, in the way how we never imagine. Indeed, i would never met people from Turkey, Thailand , India and other countries without internet. That places i never visited in real life and maybe i will never see, but thanks to that people i feel their culture and i share their mood with them every day. We trade photos, opinions, conversations and enjoy in our differences and experiences.

When you break contact with friend in reality, you will turn your head on the street. You will not say hello. Maybe you hear gossip later. Maybe friend try to make revenge, to make you humiliated because you hurt him.

In virtual life, once when you use block option, this person vanish. Person is dead, like it never existed. Some kind of people will try new approach and make new profile, they will try to seek you on other social networks, but with time they will give up.

What stays as question is why people break friendships in virtual world, what kind of reasons are the most often?

This i will try to answer accord my experiences.


Interest for same guy in internet will break friendship, especially if guy sits on both chairs.

Rude comments on photos.

Call each other fat or overweight.

Talking bad about kids, boyfriends or husbands from friend’s side.

Spamming inbox or tagging without limits.

Unwanted advices and busybodies.


If you are gay and you contact guy who is straight.

Interest for the same girl.

Different political beliefs and religious status.

Make their manhood under question.

Discovering friend is fake.

Too much talk and trolling.

As i say we are from other cultures, if you have multicultural page (as mine for example), we should be careful what is finding as insult in which country. In general on my first line are annoying people and spammers. Then in second line are perverts (which are also annoying so it comes in first line too) and busybodies.

Shall we offer explanation before we use delete button? Well, if we warned person few times about their actions, then not. I am always for alert at first. Before i close the door i wish to show person where the door are. I use nice apology when i disagree and rough approach when person doesn’t hear me.

What is advantage in this virtual friendship? There are lot of fish in the sea. You might give second chance but don’t waste too much time. Always here are new people who would appreciate you more.

Also if you get such reaction: “You are hurting me by disagreeing with me. ” you know you are on the right way. Mature person will not act as hurt just because opinions are different.

If you get love offer from a guy , as i got “be mine or i will block you”, also close the door. Blocked options invented smart guy who knew how far humans can go.


Phoenix (Feniks) with briefcase

Rise from the dust is motivational quote. That is something as “die to be born again”. When you touch the bottom and only shits are under , your friends will courage you on this way. Legend about Feniks is good example. Red-gold bird Feniks will die to finish his life circle, and then he will rise from the dust and go in Helliopolis. Accord some legends, that bird lives 500 and more years, as symbol of eternal braveness. 

If you ever participated on business meeting where some entrepreneur wanted to sell his products , you will hear similar stories. First what you see is man in business suite or elegant woman. They will talk endlessly with artificial smile on their faces. 

“I was fat and ugly, with bad teeth. Everybody laughed to me. I was victim of bullies. Then i woke up one day with strong decision to make success in my life. I got an idea, this product will change my life forever. People joined to me, we spread our circle and now we are earning a lot of money. I will not get up from my bed for less than … (large amount of euros or dollars). “

That kind of story will inspire losers so everybody will think that changes are possible over night. If you were born as ugly duck , soon this makeover will be done. You are beautiful princess and all kings are fighting for you. Stories about success are filled by exaggerating. I had 100 kilograms and now model agency is chasing me. “Playboy” wants to pay for my naked photos. Bill Gates called me to offer me a job.

Before you swallow all this nonsense, open your eyes. This period of recession is good background for impostors. Before few years unknown travel agency in Croatia offered journey from dreams in Tenerife, for 600 euros. Small money for elite vacation, but good trap for poor people. Some of them paid this and  never saw Tenerife. Instead of this they saw article in newspaper about this “agency.” Guess, their employees never replied on phone calls after they took money.

It is not all black, so success is possible. Well you will not open door and Bill Gates will not stay in front with business offer. Also, Hugh Hefner will not chase you for nude cover of magazine. Step by step, you can go very far if you believe in yourself but also if you have healthy awareness. Be ready for money loss, night with insomnia and people who will laugh to you. 

Success is unpleasant because envious people will surround you as sharks. Here is that Feniks with briefcase, ready to destroy you, because he is your competitor. Don’t let him to stand on your feet.

Beloved traitor


Until we swim in the sea of passion, our view is not objective. Any advice will escape from our ears and critics of others will be undesirable. If someone said something bad about your guy, you will think that is act of envious person. If you are woman who gives your heart in complete on first sight, you are in dangerous road. Don’t surrender to your emotions too soon.

Love is connection of two people, but it doesn’t mean that you should be unavailable for world outside. If you fall in love in person who is not for you, others will tell you some info, in good intention. No matter is that your sister, best friend or mother, you should listen before conclusion.

So, Adele had much problems with her daughter Rose. Her boyfriend Max called her once on week, in the middle of the night and later she was crying, because she heard that she is not the only one.She could not leave him, until she found out that he had sex with other girl right before he drove her home. Then Rose decided for rebellion . She said to Max that he is idiot, and Max slapped her. Then she remembered words of her mother: “If he loves you, why he doesn’t call you every day? Why he pick you up in the middle of the night, as prostitute?” Adele hated her mother so much, but soon she realized, her mother was right. She falls in love in idiot and she got hard lesson.

Why we don’t listen other advices when we have chance to avoid troubles?

We wish to taste adventures. So, if you never try, you will never know.

We feel stupid. Who is he or she to told us what to do? We know the best.

Advice sounds as preaching. Preachers and teachers are boring. It reminds on punishment in childhood.

We don’t want to miss something. If we listen good advice, we will avoid troubles, but maybe this person was wrong.

We believe that we are exception of rules. Every woman likes to say “He cheats women, but not me. He loves me.”

When love is in the air, brain is on the way. How you could believe that this cute guy is dangerous, hooligan, idiot or even criminal? He was so nice and kind. Your friend can tell you info about his past, but you will not listen because he changed, he is different, he cut off previous life. Until he does something awful to you.

This beloved traitor put thorn in your heart. Now you need to take medicine against that, even you could avoid bleeding.

How success spoils people?


Imagine that your life suddenly change over night. You might get rich. Nothing makes person so poisoned and gloomy as success. Drink this sweet champagne and enjoy in taste, you are privileged person. 

Yesterday you were poor, today you are  rich, and how to be flexible with this change?


The moment you started to be famous and rich, main questions will be:

Who is your real friend now?

Who are your enemies?

How to treat people who loves you, and how to deal with others who hate you?

How to treat new people in your life, as potential friends or rivals?

Where you will invest your money?


You will need backup with many ingredients. Honesty, truth, loyalty, don’t forget real values when shinny stars are all over you. Maybe you are role model for others, but be able to look yourself in the mirror and don’t lose your roots and your identity.

Justin Bieber is still so young, but press talk about his behavior . He was in brothel and did not pay to prostitutes, he spit on flag in Argentina, and he said to his fan girl that she looks like whale. Handsome guy with sweet voice, and now he needs to prove who is the boss?

In Wild West boss was sheriff with gun who was shooting to make an order. It was necessary because drunk cowboys who played poker were dangerous, and sheriff made discipline on hard way. Nowadays, we have stage and glamour, and gun is no more dress for success. Famous person is not on all points bulletin . Wanted dead or alive for his or her head? No, we want to see our idols in their best edition. Also this is lesson for crowd, girls are running and crying for Bieber, but be careful if you are size 44, because he will invite you to show The biggest loser. 

We can forgive to Bieber because who knows what we should do on his place, with his ages and his money. 

On social networks we could saw bigger stars than Bieber is. 

The other part of this story are provincial people. They could be cocky jerks and narcissists. Local guy opened his own fitness center and his profession  is a kick boxer. He created profile on social network and all women became crazy for him. He uses his popularity to drag naive girls into his bed and later he doesn’t know their names. He enjoys in attention, and if you ask any favor from him, you will not get it. He is here to collect attention and admiration, not to give something for return. If you say something opposite to him, you are jealous, envious and frustrated. You don’t want sex with him? For sure you are lesbian. Don’t forget to tell him every day how sexy is his body and how strong are his muscles. He has dress for success, oiled muscles and firm body, and you are here as his dog on the chain.

Don’t bark too much, just sit and wait for your bones. You might choose, be a slave and follower or just say no and leave . You might be poor and without money, but your personal freedom has no price.

Man from the cave



Once upon a time there was man in the cave. His duty was to feed his family, to make fire and to defend his woman from beasts. He was strong and tough, and all were afraid of him. Despite of fear,  they felt safe in his presence.

During centuries things changed, technology give us much opportunities to make fire alone, guns replaced stones and beasts escaped in the forest. But one thing is the same, women like to feel protected and safe.

Why we loved Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski, even his behavior reminds on monkey in the cage? This testosterone’s attack makes him sexy. Ladies, did you imagine yourself on the desk with him?

Clint Eastwood was savage policeman but we all loved Dirty Harry. As we love Schwarzenneger and Stallone and Jean Claude van Damme, with him we could walk on the street without fear.

So, guess who will be the guy who will have earlier sex experiences? Nasty guy with too loud motorcycle , who run away from school. Wild guy with black eye . The rebel who fight with teacher and headmaster. 

Nowadays women earn money and they can take care of own future. But still is hard for woman to live alone in flat, because she is target for every maniac. It is hard for her to progress at work if man doesn’t stand behind her back. Also, imagine yourself in nightclub alone, how to get rid of drunk admirer who doesn’t want to leave you in peace and who stalks every your step.

Our mothers will recommend us to associate with guy from nice family, who graduated with excellent marks and who will continue family business. Yes, he has key of future. If he is a man.

What that means? A long time ago Sylvia went to nightclub with her boyfriend Steve. It was crowd and guy spill beer on her shirt. Steve start to talk with that guy and he sent him to hell , and Steve apologize to him, not to her. She was so disappointed. Guy who spill beer was big and with earring on nose, but still Steve was pussy, he even hugged him. At the end Sylvia told to guy that he is an asshole, and he did not dare to hit her. She felt more as man than Steve. He was just immature kid in this situation, who afraid of stronger dude.

So, got the point? If we have man who will beg and cry more than women, we feel something is wrong. 

Where is that man from the cave? 

We don’t ask that man must have bomb to destroy all around us. His  strong attitude is sexy and useful. Woman will feel that she can lean on him. 

Next time when you don’t stand up for your lady don’t be surprised if she walks out with someone else who has bigger guts.

Virtual narcissist – true story


Every new person in our life is field of risk. Are you opened to new acquaintances, and you are the one who easy open doors to person in virtual world? It could be great act of empathy, but this kind of decisions are not always clever. If person is from another country and depends to another system of values, risk is even bigger. You never know with whom you are dealing with.

Love is one of areas where we are the weakest. One sweet smile, hot look, sweet words and this kind of stranger is already in our house. How you protect yourself from sudden troubles?

Melinda was big fan of social networks and she spent hours and hours by typing with strangers behind computers. One of them was Greek man Nikos. She felt in love in his voice, actions and charm. Also he introduced himself as musician and gave her password for his official site. They soon got involved even Melinda had boyfriend. Melinda got bored in safe relation and she wanted some excitements. Nikos was good partner for that, they had cool sex chat, he made her laugh and Melinda felt as she is 10 years younger than she really was. In the moment of passion, she sent to him her half naked photo .

Soon Melinda realized that Nikos has certain issues. He started to text her every hour, when she did not replied he accuse her that she is cheating him. Melinda was invited on sister’s wedding and she came there very tense, because her mobile phone was vibrating all the time. Nikos sent her insulting message : “Where are you whole day, you ungrateful bitch. What are you doing now?” Melinda felt fear and blocked his page. She could not stand this pressure.

Few days later, Melinda got message at her social page. Message was with link on other page. When she opened, she saw her photo in transparent shirt and naked boobs, and behind this was her nickname “I want cock. ” Melinda was green in face from fear. She reported site but nobody cared. She wrote letter to Nikos and begged him to leave her alone. She apologized to him for hurt his feelings, even she was not guilty. Page was there more than year and finally someone deleted this. Melinda has lived with shame, of course, she could always say that photo is not hers, but she felt embarrassed inside. After that, Melinda continued to talk with strangers, but she never shared her half naked photos again. She has learnt on harder way.

How we could know with whom we are dealing with?


He could be handsome stranger, full of loving words, hungry for attention but the same love he gave to you could turn into revenge if you turn him back. That is how narcissists do, they will capture your heart with attention, hug you in every moment, and when they feel that you are theirs, they will turn other page. Now it is time to obey to them. He is in charge, a boss. How you dare to make conflict with boss? Now he will show you, he will hit you where you are the weakest. Did you opened your heart to him so soon? Did you opened your box of trust to him also?

Beware if you did. You gave them opened gun against you.You got his attention, but you lost his respect, because he is feeding with your feelings now.

That is why we should be careful when we talk with people on internet, when we share things which are delicate. You never know to whom you gave key of your dirty secrets.

Don’t be in the backstage


You know the feeling when you enter into night club with your best friend, and everybody are looking at her. Guys are racing to get her drink, even waiter is confused and she has million dance partners. You are somewhere in the background, waiting for pieces of her star dust.

Some people are born to be on the top. It is natural gift, some persons will always gain more attentions, more people will follow them, because simply they are leaders and charismatic. Like Martin Luther King said: “I have a dream.” The same worlds will sound different in his mouth, and different in the mouth of your neighbor Steve.

It is interesting how that privileged people act when they found out about their power. Will they abuse their power, will they laugh to others and use crowd for their purpose?

I had a beautiful friend. Guys were all the time around her when she was 21, and i had no chance in her presence. She was sexy, and i was just sweet. She had provocative clothes, and i had only long skirts and blouses, i was like innocent girl . Someone could compare us with Cinderella and Poison Ivy. Every guy i fall in love became her boyfriend. She was pity me, and still that was not enough, so she wanted my friendship that i can listen her impressions about everything. She used to go on some party and never invited me, but other day she would call me to tell me how was there. Always the same stories, how guys were annoyed her, how she is unhappy because of her fatal beauty. Indeed that already became sick and i started to avoid her.

After ten years we met recently at the street. She was with her husband. When he started to speak, i noticed he has feminine voice. I almost started to laugh, wow, after all this guys, she got some kind of gay idol for husband? When i looked at her, she was so skinny, she lost her sexy shape. Indeed now she was average girl, even her nose looked to big because of her care worn face. Bags under her eyes and first wrinkles completed my picture. I was shocked, where her beauty disappeared?

Yes, it is not nice to be in the shadow. You don’t live your life. You are slave of your insecurity and you are afraid that you will lose everything because your best friend is kind of Mida, person who will convert everything in gold. She is invited in all important events, and you must beg people for attention.


What are your chances?


Create your circle of friends.

You need original style, your mark, don’t try to copy her or him.

Find area in which you are the best. You are winner in swimming, handball, writing, dancing for example, so show your skills.

Look at in the mirror. You have something to offer to. She has good legs, but your face is prettier. Your breasts are bigger. Show that with big boobs or good makeup.

If you notice that your friend want to push you out from everywhere, break this friendship. You are not a slave.

Beauty is not everlasting. Some people will look even better when they are getting older. Sylvester Stallone was ugly kid, but later he became sex symbol. Other will look good until they are young, but later beauty can fade. Some faces can’t resist to ages and this is visible.

Until you are in the backstage, think about how you will be on the stage. Wheel of fortune is spinning around, up and down, and this is changing. You can be on the top very soon.

Self-esteem is your best follower

How many times you take a look of yourself at the mirror, as your worst enemy?  So you said something like this: “I am fat. My skin is wrinkled . I have eye bags and pimples. My nose is big.” There is much exaggerating when women describe themselves. Especially if woman is young and her role model is Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, or any other famous star. Even photo shop is doing miracles, many women will compare their faces and bodies with celebrities and despair will shine from their eyes.

Here is one important thing. Even if you are pretty, you will be unhappy and your acts will reject people. Do you know why? Because you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I remember the day when i was eighteen. It was my first time that i wore short skirt and high heels. I was thinking that everyone is staring at me. I felt as i swallow broomstick. I was clumsy and when guy in night club asked me for a dance, i was so rigid. My feet were as from wood and whole night was ruined. Not to mention that i had feeling how everyone can see my panties, because of short skirt. Indeed, nobody said to me nothing. People were busy with themselves, it was dark in this club and my fear was without reason. Ten years later i went to after beach party and i felt good. Nothing changed on my body, i even got some kilograms, but also i got something more important. It was my self confidence. Then i had so much fun and i felt like i am Miss of the beach.

Everything is in your mind. If you feel that everyone is laughing to you, probably someone will laugh, but this person will laugh because you pay attention on this. 

How to build self confidence?

Wear something what makes you comfortable. 

Find guy who will tell you often how sexy you are.

Smile, because it gives special shine to your face.

Show that you have spirit. Talk positive, make jokes, share your good mood with others.

I know, here is always that moment when you wish to be someone else. Your best friend is maybe more successful. Her husband is maybe more rich or handsome that yours. She is maybe prettier than you are. Well, you don’t know how she feels in her skin. Maybe she is very tired from successful career. Maybe her husband don’t pay attention to her anymore. Some people are masters, how to pretend that everything is all right. I had neighbor who was so kind with everyone. When she closed her door, i heard her arguments with husband and son. They used awful words and they were insulting each other so much that i felt unpleasant. When another day came, all were again happy family who had the best parties in my street.

Which is the best test for your self confidence level?

When someone mocks you, and you are smiling. Then you reply with cold mind and insult that person on smart way.

When you heard gossips about you and you don’t show any reaction.

When someone is treating you, and you are calm.

Once when you reach the highest level of self confidence, you will not care are you poor, ugly, single or alone. You will know that you can change your situation with one hint, because you have the best supporter – your healthy self-esteem.

Resistant couples

One day you woke up with feeling of love. Your heart is opened, people are beautiful, suddenly you greet all neighbors and you repeat the same song on CD. “I will always love you” from legend Whitney Houston. You found that perfect guy and sacred promise is that you will always love him.

At the start of every relation you don’t care what your beloved do, the point is to make him happy. Butterflies in your belly, sparks around you and him and you forget that he maybe did not wash his teeth or that he could change his shirt after few days. You love all about him, even his dog who is barking at you every time when you meet him.

After some months your perspective is changing. You will not be so blind and deaf under influence of love sparks, so you will ask some things from your boyfriend. Don’t be late every time when i have deal with you. Please don’t talk on your cell phone when i am talking with you. Conflicts rise up from small details. Something was not bothering you before, but now you pay attention on this. Now you are under test of maturity. Yes, he said that he loves you, but did he prove this with his actions?

People are changing, life is variable line. You fall in love before 5 years in that girl, but she is not the same person now. She got 15 kilograms, her hair is different color, she doesn’t wear short shirts and skirts anymore, she has problem with teeth. Time is cruel. Do you love this girl as before? Also, your boyfriend can lose hair or his muscles are not so firm anymore. 

Couples will handle this changes on various ways.

Some couples will be separated. 

No, i can’ t handle this anymore. The person i loved doesn’t exist.

Some couples will cheat each other. 

I don’t want to leave him, but i need refreshment in my life.

Some couples will stay together. 

Ok, you can lose this kilograms with my help, not big deal. I like you as you are. Your personality is still beautiful.

It is not just about physical look. Life circumstances are different. He was poor guy, now he is rich businessman. He has bigger choice. Now he can pick girls who don’t want to look at him before. He is good catch. 

She is famous and she is in different circles. Maybe you are just her obstacle now. She has career and she is travelling a lot, and she has no time for you anymore. Your interests are not the same. 

Famous couple David Beckham and Victoria Adams met in 1997. She was famous singer known as Posh Spice, from Spice girls.  He was footballer, he played for Manchester United, but in that time he was not famous. She was more popular than he was. During 17 years, things changed. They got married, now they have 4 children. David Beckham became one of the most popular footballers at world. He is also model inspiration for marketing, he is brand. Victoria is not in music world anymore, she is now fashion creator, but her husband is more popular than she is. They survived tough period, when David was cheating her with Spanish girl Rebecca and this was even on television. David ashamed Victoria in public media, but they did not divorced never. They solved their problems and together they are introduced even to British queen. 

Love is not just box full of sparks and stars. Love is much more than you can imagine. If you are ready to skip over all obstacles, to make your hands dirty, to forgive and forget, then you will get real love. Everything else is just an illusion and adventure.

Girl for one night – view from reality


On first sight one night stand looks ideal. No obligations, no promises, no tears. If both, man and woman decide about sex for one night, there is no complain later. Everyone should walk forward, without regrets.

Human heart is fragile thing and it is not always so simple. Maybe we can promise to follow the rules of this game, but shall we hold this promise after it happens? Our mind had a plan, but heart doesn’t follow that tips.


Here are some females reactions:


He did not greet me at the street.

– He did not call me, but he said he will call me.

– I saw him with another girl.

– He said that he is not ready for serious relation now.

– He said that i was just his comfort to get over ex girlfriend.

All is good when you are in the moment of passion, he kiss you like nobody before, you have so much pleasure, he whispers soft words in your ears, and you feel like his queen, like in dream. But then you woke up and fail on the ground. What a jerk, he has no feelings, he is an animal, moron and so on. But did not you deal with him? That is the worst part, when you promise something what you cannot hold on. That is in women brain, to make promises and to hope things will be different.

List of woman’s illusions:

1. i will be his best lover, after night with me he will leave his girlfriend

2. he just need a time for adjustment, i will wait for him

3. he has some problems and he can’t be with me now, but after he solve that problem, we will be together for a sure

4. he is too busy , i will have patience until he finds time for me

That is part of game of being easy or being hard. If someone date with you because of sex , sex will also be reason to break up when he please to his wishes. That is the point of one night stand, he will not listen your problems, because you are here to enjoy with him, not to discuss with him.


That is why flirts and relations are not the same. In flirt sex is the main part, but in real relations sex is one of elements. 


So if you accept one night stand, this is risk and you must be ready that you will never see that awesome person again. You can’t blame him or judge him because he disappeared. There were signs you did not want to see, and he was not obligated to stay. Mature women with experience will easier handle one night stand because life taught them that hot moment doesn’t mean eternal love. If girl is a virgin, and without experience it will be harder to believe that awesome guy is not prince on white horse. 

He got what he wanted and he doesn’t need you anymore. You can dream about him or forget. Use it as lesson next time when someone try to repeat this adventure with you. There is golden rule : you can’t keep man who doesn’t want to be kept.