Formula for success


We all have dreams but only some of us will make it real. Are you ready to take all efforts to make your dream true, or you just sit and wait that happiness knock at your door?

There are different ways how to progress in life and everyone will have different path. Some will succeed, others will give up, but during that journey experiences will be different. Life is what you choose and you will live with your choice. 

You can be coward or rebel.

If you are coward, this is the vision of your life:

1. your life partner will be chosen accord choices to your family, not by your heart

2. you will be slave at work and your boss will be your master

3. you will be servant of your friends, so if they need you , you are here to please their wishes

4. if someone attack you or member of your family for any reason you will try to avoid conflict

5. despite of all, you will have people around you who don’t like you

If you are rebel, this is vision of your life:

1. you life partner is choice by your heart

2. you are satisfied with your work

3. you love your friends, but also you have your precious time and space only for yourself and they need to respect that

4. if someone attack you or member of your family, you are ready to protect them

5. you have enemies but they respect you

If you are conformist, this is your life:

1. you will accept partner as part of your reality, no matter do you love or not

2. you like your job, but you are not enchanted with this

3. you wanted to progress but it is more comfortable with less responsibilities and more peaceful

4. you are balancing in conflicts

5. your enemies know that you change your attitude every day

It is all about attitude, smarmy people will try to copy others, to please other wishes with hope that they will make their results successful. If you have courage, you will stand up for your rights and also you will expose your originality. Walk as you have invisible crown, right people will notice you.

Hamlet asked: “To be or not to be”? 

Our life choice has a question :” Coward or rebel , what is the choice?”

Don’t live in mislead that you will have peace and comfortable life just because you decide to swim in the crowd. You can also be intruder, as kid who deny to runaway from school when all others did it. 

Showing courage is risk, but worthy. 


At least rebels make history, not conformists or cowards.


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