A coin for your smile

It is Saturday night and your boyfriend still talks about his job. He is under stress and he can’t relax even for a weekend. You said that you are tired from stories in office, it comes out on your ears. Everybody around you wants to escape. One bad day is not the end of the word, but it could be close if you are in relationship to someone who lost the sense of humor. That kind of person can make it worse.

Gerard and Cedric are two best friends. Both had a bad period, it was written in the stars or they stand up on left foot, but definitely, they were not favorites of good luck. Gerard is an optimist, and Cedric is a grumpy man so you can never guess about his real mood. 

They both described a day at work because they are working together.

Gerard said: “I spill coffee on my new trousers, but anyway I did not like the color, so there is no damage. My nervous client called me ten times and at least I learned how much my nerves can handle. I will work also for the weekend because we have a deadline, but at least I will not drink.”

Cedric said: ” I have a glitch from coffee at the table. How will I explain to my boss that my file is swimming in coffee? I can’t stand the sound of phone anymore. For sure, the client is a maniac and one day he will kill someone of us. And what is the worst, I must work for the weekend. “

Life will bring many problems and various kind of crises. Which way is easier, to deal with humor or to sit and cry? 

How about to be in a relationship with someone without a sense of humor?

Your problems will look bigger because your partner doesn’t see the bright side of things.

If he says to you that you are childish, his spirit died a long time ago.

He can be offended if you joke with him.

If you are sad, with him you will cry for sure.

Imagine yourself in cinema, and you are watching “The Mask. ” Jim Carrey is awesome for you, but your partner will think that movie is waste of time. He would prefer “Lincoln.” I am sure you don’t want to watch “Lincoln” in your free time if you wish to relax.

Maybe it doesn’t seem so important, but the sense of humor is a great gift in every relation. 

If you date with a guy who can make you smile, you will forget how life is hard. When you look bright side of things, you might find a solution for your problems. Also, here is a catch. Some guys just think that they are hilarious and that every stand-up comedy show would search for them. If jokes are offensive, dirty or so old that your grandpa will not laugh on this, it will have opposite effect. You can’t laugh at jokes about blondes if you are blonde, and your date with a guy who talks every night about this. It will not be funny if a guy talks about fat women and you have problems with losing weight. Some guys will laugh at own jokes even nobody laughs on this. 

The racy guy will make balance and he will try to be original. One my friend has a special approach to girls. He uses to hug every girl in a nightclub and say: “Dance with me, now is our song. ” Some women will walk away, but in the majority, they are smiling. If a guy is not pushy or annoying, he is welcome in every circle. The sense of humor might be an ace card in your pocket. For example, Kyle is not handsome, not rich and educated. He is an average guy with the average mind, but his jokes are awesome. When girls date with him, they are crying from laughter. He creates jokes by himself and even some guys try to copy him. 

What do you think when your beloved guy wants to smile at you? 

This is something positive and aphrodisiac for your relation. If you feel so good with him that you can smile without fear to ruin your mascara, it means you are connected. You wish to hug him because he brings some magic to your day. When you came from this terrible business meeting, your day was ruined. Then, your boyfriend made you smile and you forgot about your bad time. Accord his perspective, it looks even funny. Also, this is a sign that he adores you. He would give everything to see your smile, even you are not in the mood. He is a magician, so his bag of jokes is ready only for you.


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