Did you sabotage your own wishes?


Did you ever ask yourself why it takes so long to get what you wish? Or why some of your wishes never became true? Maybe you wish two opposite things at the same time so one thing will abolish another.

What happens when you think like this:

I wish to change my job but I don’t want to leave my old workplace.

I wish serious relation but I can’t stop flirting.

I wish to lose my weight but I can’t stop eating candies.

I wish to have friends but I don’t want to hang out with people.

Our perception is our guideline. If we think on the way to sit on two chairs, we are not focused. Some people will think that they can do everything and that sacrifice is not necessary. Is it possible to feed wolf and not sacrify the sheep? 

Well, if you have a fast metabolism you can eat candies, but the question is how long. If you are married you can cheat partner, until your conscience tells stop or until he exposes you a liar and cheater. You can take from people until they realize that you just take an advantage from them. You can earn from extra bonus work, but your time will be too busy for anything else than work. 

Every wish has a path. It includes discipline, self-control, and sacrifice. 

Lucy was a flirty girl. She enjoyed to change men and to jump from one relationship to another. When she met Malcolm, everything was different so she decided to marry him. Before marriage, she wanted to be with another man, as last adventure before she settles down. Unlucky for her, she had envious friend Hilary, who saw her in infidelity action and said all to Malcolm. Lucy lost Malcolm and it was the price for her immaturity.

When you want something so badly, you will be ruthless. So, if you need to erase every person and every situation which distract you from your aim, you will do it. 

Nathan was also in a situation to chose. He decided to marry and his friend Giselle hardly accepted this situation. She was calling him every day with lame excuses for a conversation with him. Nathan’s fiance Melissa said to him to solve this problem because it made a mess of their plans. So Nathan blocks her number. He wanted to marry with Melissa and he did it.

Imagine your wish as a trophy at the end of the race. You are running, and someone drags you for the sleeve. Will you stop to talk with that person or you will continue to run? Will you push this person because she is an obstacle? What are you ready to do, just to reach your aim and pick your trophy?How hard you wish something?

If you ask your friends how they realize their wishes, you will hear something like this:

“I am now slim because I gave up from candies. I exercise until I managed to do this.”

“I love my husband. So I said to another guy to go away from me.”

“I could not stand my job so I left. It was not easy but I don’t regret.”

“I did not trust people but I gave chance to new people in my life. Now I have friends.”

Reality is not a fairy. You will not close your eyes to make a wish and wait for the magic stick. First, you will pay your price, In this way, you show how important is something for you. Meeting with reality is a deal. Shake your hands and give your deposit.


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