Frozen in time machine


Life is going on, and things are changing. What was forbidden now is allowed, what was popular now is turn off and ridiculous. People who want to fit in trends, must be flexible. You will know you are getting old if you start to judge something what is valuable nowadays.

If you are not updating your mind, you are time passenger who stuck in time machine. You are frozen inside and out. Imagine woman who wear the same coat 20 ages because she wants to spare money. Maybe practical but it will look like someone found her frozen in mountain before 20 ages.

It is very important to learn new skills. 


You can’t get a job nowdays if you don’t know nothing about computers.

You are not be desirable match for new partners if you judge life style nowdays, especially if you prefer younger partners.

People will laugh to you because you refuse to accept changes.

Tea and Jack live in new building, but neighbors are mostly old people. Tea wear goth style, she has most of the time black makeup , she is pretty but somehow scary for old women. But Tea is always nice and kind. Until the day old woman offended her in front of elevator.


You girl, you look like someone who broke the law. I should report you and your boyfriend because of loud music, and in this purse for sure you have pills and drugs.

– Oh please woman get back into age of inquisition and hire witch hunters.


I believe that some old people hard accept changes. Maybe they are scared, they feel less important or they simply refuse to accept that old days gone. Women beauty is different, preferences are different and if you cannot accept this you will be an intruder.

An opposite, Thomas is so cool professor in high school. He has over 50 ages, but he knows all about computers, cell phones  and 3 D projections so his students like to discuss with him. He is an authority, because he can approach more closer to young people, he is informed about their world. How can you even expect that people listen to you if you don’t know nothing about them? Thomas updated his mind and he really enjoy in classroom.

If you cannot learn new things, your mind must be lazy or stubborn. You will be as elephant in shopping in some situations. Avoid this for own sake, if not for anybody else. 

Remember Giordano Bruno, Columbo or Nostradamus who were forward their times. Always is better to explore new ideas than to stuck in time machine.


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