Don’t be in the backstage


You know the feeling when you enter into night club with your best friend, and everybody are looking at her. Guys are racing to get her drink, even waiter is confused and she has million dance partners. You are somewhere in the background, waiting for pieces of her star dust.

Some people are born to be on the top. It is natural gift, some persons will always gain more attentions, more people will follow them, because simply they are leaders and charismatic. Like Martin Luther King said: “I have a dream.” The same worlds will sound different in his mouth, and different in the mouth of your neighbor Steve.

It is interesting how that privileged people act when they found out about their power. Will they abuse their power, will they laugh to others and use crowd for their purpose?

I had a beautiful friend. Guys were all the time around her when she was 21, and i had no chance in her presence. She was sexy, and i was just sweet. She had provocative clothes, and i had only long skirts and blouses, i was like innocent girl . Someone could compare us with Cinderella and Poison Ivy. Every guy i fall in love became her boyfriend. She was pity me, and still that was not enough, so she wanted my friendship that i can listen her impressions about everything. She used to go on some party and never invited me, but other day she would call me to tell me how was there. Always the same stories, how guys were annoyed her, how she is unhappy because of her fatal beauty. Indeed that already became sick and i started to avoid her.

After ten years we met recently at the street. She was with her husband. When he started to speak, i noticed he has feminine voice. I almost started to laugh, wow, after all this guys, she got some kind of gay idol for husband? When i looked at her, she was so skinny, she lost her sexy shape. Indeed now she was average girl, even her nose looked to big because of her care worn face. Bags under her eyes and first wrinkles completed my picture. I was shocked, where her beauty disappeared?

Yes, it is not nice to be in the shadow. You don’t live your life. You are slave of your insecurity and you are afraid that you will lose everything because your best friend is kind of Mida, person who will convert everything in gold. She is invited in all important events, and you must beg people for attention.


What are your chances?


Create your circle of friends.

You need original style, your mark, don’t try to copy her or him.

Find area in which you are the best. You are winner in swimming, handball, writing, dancing for example, so show your skills.

Look at in the mirror. You have something to offer to. She has good legs, but your face is prettier. Your breasts are bigger. Show that with big boobs or good makeup.

If you notice that your friend want to push you out from everywhere, break this friendship. You are not a slave.

Beauty is not everlasting. Some people will look even better when they are getting older. Sylvester Stallone was ugly kid, but later he became sex symbol. Other will look good until they are young, but later beauty can fade. Some faces can’t resist to ages and this is visible.

Until you are in the backstage, think about how you will be on the stage. Wheel of fortune is spinning around, up and down, and this is changing. You can be on the top very soon.


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