Bulletproof heart

  Key of frustrations is inside of us. We are the worst enemies of ourselves. It doesn’t matter what will others say or do, if it doesn’t reflect to us, we are calm and stable. Once when we relate with something bad, this is beginning of misery. Some people have big system of punishments. They […]

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Karma is a bitch

Life will not spare us from pain. Tears and wounds are part of living, and we are hurt in the unexpected way when we are not ready for this. Things are worse when your friend or lover hurts you. Someone you kissed and hugged, someone you shared secrets and trust suddenly is your enemy. That […]

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Best friends are not for granted

Ernest Hemingway said that a man is not an island. We need interaction with people, and some of them will be our friends. What kind of person is friend? For sure there is difference between acquaintance and friendship. If we greet someone at the street, it doesn’t mean this is our friend. If we work […]

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Only love can’t save a marriage

  Money can’t buy love and happiness, that is clear. Also, people can’t live without money, and everyone who believes that only love will save their marriage or relation is in big mislead. Many marriages split because of financial problems. When your children are hungry, when your partner can’t find a job, love can’t help […]

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Madonna and a swan’s song

  Imagine how would you feel that you have a chance to be young again, to start whole life from the beginning. If you are a woman in middle ages, maybe you look at your pictures in the album from youth and regret because you did not use your time properly. If you are rich […]

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When you fly too high

She was born lucky, or he was born under a lucky star. They are protected by angels or God’s will. When people talk about successful people, they will mention high forces or higher authorities, as the key to other’s success.  That is true that some people are luckier than others, but in general, nobody can […]

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Hot love at the workplace

  It is hard to control emotions when people are horny. This internal impulse can turn people into animals, that they forgot what they said or do, where and when. It is very unpleasant when we choose wrong place to show up our desires. This event happened during the business meeting. The woman is kind […]

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You are what you eat

Recently my neighbor died.  The woman was more than 120 kilograms weight. She could not walk so people delivered her food into her flat. She had problems with breathing and heart attack caused her death. All her life was based on food. Her stories were about ice cream, cookies, wonderful lunch on the beach, delicious […]

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