The book of a change

It is not easy to fit in the new community. Life will give us challenges and sometimes we will move to another place. Work in another city, university far away from home, your love will ask that you go to live with him in his place and so on. This is like you learn how to walk again. Forget all steps which you learned during your old life. New environment, new people, and new experiences are in front of you. Changes are in every area of your life and you feel like the angry wasp, how to fly and avoid to smash your head into the wall?

Matthew, Celia, and Donna had something in common. They all cut their bonds with the previous life. Matthew got the job in another city. Celia got married and her husband asked her to live in another state with him. Donna started to study at the university far away from her home. They were outsiders.

Matthew was the real example of limpet. He started on the aggressive way. At his office were people who knew each other for a long time. He sits on the same table in the business restaurant during their lunch and started to chat with them about his work. They were chewing their meal, but Matthew could not stop to talk.

– I got the bunch of files, and already I must go to the meeting. That boss is an asshole. He calls me even in my lunch pause. Do you hear my cell phone, I set up ringtone on Eminem song “Cleaning up my closet.”

He wanted to be funny, hilarious, but his office partners were not fascinated. Maybe they would have some opinion, but they did not have a chance for conversation, because the flood of words from Matthew’s mouth was endless. When Matthew’s boss had the birthday, he was the first one who suggested to his colleagues to collect money for his gift. So they set him up, they bought the gift and invited Matthew to bring this into his office. When boss opened the box there were old shoes. Matthew was blushing, he was so embarrassed, but he could not explain how this shoes found the place into the gift box. 

Celia was the frightened rabbit. She moves to another city with her husband accord his wishes. He was hiding in her flat and nobody heard for her. Short greetings with neighbors in the elevator were her only way of communication. She rejected the invitation from the woman next door to drink morning coffee with her or to play bridge in the evening. Strangers were the threat to her, how to associate with that strangers? Maybe they are thieves or killers, who knows. One day Celia was rushing and she swallowed the too big piece of bread. She started to choke, her face was red and at that moment someone rung on her door. It was the boring neighbor, she bought her cookies. She helped her because, by accident, she was the nurse. From that moment Celia never missed their coffee. She was grateful as never in her life.

Donna started to study international relations in another city. She was not the pushy girl, but also she was not quiet or shy. Simply she was spontaneous. When she was sitting next handsome guy, she simply asked him to borrow her notes, because she missed the lecture for a week. That handsome guy saw her innocent smile and her shiny eyes so they started to learn together in the library. Soon Donna expanded her circle of friends, everyone wanted to know that charming girl. She was full of life energy.

What will people think about us? Will they kick me out of the circle? 

I am the social dead man. That is our biggest fears, especially when we change our lives and move into another community. Maybe we were popular among our old friends, but what will new people say? Will they consider us as intruders, limpets, cowards or pests? Or they will simply ignore us like we don’t exist? This book of change has many chapters. Their content depends on us. 


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