Santa Claus with empty bag

I can guess what you listen in this part of the year. Mariah Carey “All i want for Christmas is you” or Wham “Last Christmas. ” Some of you will wipe tears on “Do they know is Christmas? ” with Bono and Band aid. Holidays are at the door and our hearts are more extended , ready to accept new friends or help to the poor people. Even if you are other religion, you will not be cold at Christmas. My virtual friends never forgot winter holidays, and i got much postcards in this time of the year. 

So, while i was walking in park in early morning, unusual advertisement at tree caught my attention. This was the content : “I am single mother of 7 children. We live in abandon shelter, without heat. Help us , orphans, we wish  to celebrate this holidays in warm home, with food. We are hungry and i hope you will donate us something to make our Christmas beautiful. ” Under that paper was number of cell phone.

If you are merciful Samaritan, you will make conclusion about poor , abandoned mother with seven screaming children who are dying in expectation for charity. You will call this number and arrange meeting immediately, cause every minute is important.

If you look through curtain made of foggy emotions, you will notice that poor woman has computer to write this advertisement, cell phone with credit to give number and there is no name of this “shelter” or “street. ” Simply, great trap to make some money from pockets of naive people. 

Check this facts.

Which single mother would gave birth to seven children, without asking alimony?

Which kind of mother would not ask a job to feed this children?

This woman heard for Red cross or social welfare?

This is more simple, to find a tree and put advertisement, just to make spark in heart and tear in eye. Now we need Mariah Carey and show must go on.

What really happens in winter time, when Christmas is at the door and lights on the street reminds us on humanity?

You will get letter from the court. Do you have unpaid bills or you late with deadline? Postcards from bank or court never getting late.

If you are working, your boss will complain on your vacation, because there is so much things to do.

Jehovian witnesses, beggars or people with issues will ring at your door, to donate something for Christmas.

Irritating grannies will sell roses or calendars, just in case you don’t have it yet.

Chain emails about unexpected money win will spam your inbox.

Friend who disappeared or family member will visit you , to make a lunch at your family table.

Santa Claus is not only person who gave gifts to children. That is great mask for thieves , to get some stolen money before holidays. 

I am not Grinch and i think holidays are special time of the year. Just, in lights and candles, people forgot that illusions last for a short. Just because your worst enemy gave you hand, it doesn’t mean that you will be his best friend from now. If husband beats wife and gave her perfume for Christmas, it doesn’t mean that he will not be aggressive next year. If your ex asked you to forgive him infidelity, this is not guarantee that it will not happen again.

Christmas is emotional reminder.  Just because you gave coins to beggar in this day or you sent some cookies to neighbor, it doesn’t mean you are angel. That is only your participation in tradition and act of good will. You refuse to redecorate Christmas tree with colleagues at work? No, it doesn’t make you bad, you just want to celebrate in the circle of your family. 


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