The applause


Some people will do everything for little attention, just to be in the newspaper or on the TV screen. If nothing else, they want to star in their neighborhood.

For example, Croatian fashion guru Neven Ciganović wanted to talk about Nelson Mandela. He said, “I had a dream”, so by mistake, he referred to famous words by Martin Luther King. The even bad advertisement is an advertisement so the press will write about this and his popularity will increase even more.


There is a slang for people who want to be first and the best everywhere. This is “attention whores. ” We in Croatia say: “he jumps from pasty. ” It was a famous statement of ex Croatian president Stipe Mesić when he talked about his opponent on elections, Jadranka Kosor. Her presence was so annoying that he said “I can’t open pasty, she is there. “


When someone is crazy for attention, there is no price for what he can do. Even to “forget” own cell phone with naked photos and tomorrow the same will be published in the press. Right place and right time, and person who is hungry for applause will be there. That kind of character is not sensitive. There is no shame, no dignity because all is worthy of little attention.


When Caroline had a birthday party, she invited about ten friends, and between them was her best friend Betty. Betty was always a noisy and cocky girl and she wanted to forward attention to herself. That birthday was in a coffee bar and by coincidence, the ex-boyfriend of Betty came there. All eyes were on them. People forgot that Caroline is celebrating a birthday. Later their friendship was not so close, because Betty used every opportunity to expose herself and Caroline was just in her shadow.  Betty used attention whoring as a lifestyle. 


Hunger for attention is dangerous for friendships, but also for love relation. Imagine that you are bonded with the person who wants to be at the center of everything. She wants to be noticed and she will take her handsome boyfriend just to show up with him, because he has muscles and he is a bodybuilder, or because he has a new and fast car. The same, such man can date with a girl because she has good legs and big boobs so he wants to show up his trophy. 


Some people live on the stage. When lights turn on, they are here to make more shine. You can recognize that people on the internet. The ones who put tags every day on other walls, who will add you as a friend just to increase their list or because you have nice photos and they want to associate with you. That is kind of people who poke noses everywhere and they will follow all statuses just to jump out from the majority. They want to be special in the wrong way.


Real attention is a spontaneous act. This is a situation when people notice you and give you compliments, and you did not ask for that, you did not even expect that. You were just, as usual, the best version of yourself. This attention is not forced, this is real.


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