Love and honor

Once upon a time there was handsome knight who fought for honor of  his lady. If someone insulted lady of his heart, he started a battle, with intention to win or loose his life.

As time is passing by, we forgot values of honor. Nowadays we have different choices, and we will not ask our men to die for us. But together with past times honor became something old fashioned. Some men will think: “My woman knows how to defend herself, she is swearing and drinking more than me, so what should i do, to stay without teeth because of her? No way.”

What happened with feeling of dignity and honor? And why guys loose respect toward women in some situations?

Here are examples.

1. woman opens profile at social network.

If she is not traditional, big chances are to loose respect, to be invited on camera for striptease show or to be insulted. But different attitude  doesn’t means always that she wants sex or that she is promiscuous.


2. woman has sexy private video with her boyfriend, but when they split, jealous guy decide to publish that.

Nobody will ask is that private or only for him. Good example is Croatian singer Severina, someone stole her video with ex lover and she was subject of many public judgments and discussions. But everybody wanted to see.


3. in Saturday night young girls take bag with big bottles of alcohol and walk in the street without shame that someone can see them. Of course, guy will think about his chances  for one night stand.

4. too open and provocative clothes can also give wrong signs. Walking alone in the middle of the night in short skirt , so you get surprise when maniac is stalking you?

Women will get surprise if men will not stand to defend their honor. But it is not easy for a man if woman makes his position hard. If you want knight who will defend your honor, you must be worthy of his efforts.

It is necessary to understand man too. It was easy to defend lady from the castle, but to stand up for a rights of promiscuous women is really not easy task. This pressure is bigger.

Every guy has choice to make his own list of values. What is honorable and respectable woman for him? This is individual. Some guys will value women accord her past relations, others will not care about past, just about present and future.

One thing is for sure, feeling of respect and dignity is bonded with feeling of love. And that is a difference. If guy wants you for one night stand, he will not care about your dignity, respect or honor. The other day his duty is not even to say hello to you.

But if guy want you for a lifetime, or at least for serious relation, than you must think about your behavior, make compromises with him. The same as we don’t want guy who cry more than us, guys don’t want women who swears and fights more than them.


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