Red light – when is time to stop?


One of good recipes for successful life is based on balance. If you know when is enough, your control system is turn on. It affects to every area in life : love, friendship, job and family. Limits are inside of us, but we don’t use this always. Sometimes, you will act as elephant in shopping center – push, run, force, and break everything in front of you.

Control, pride and dignity are elements of balance, and if this buttons are ready, you will send message to everyone where are your limits. Also, this message has double meaning, so you will not allow others to break your inner values.

When is hard to stop, and why we often make errors in some situations? 

Breakups. He said he doesn’t love you and this is over. Is it really end? Some women will force relation, stalk partner and humiliate themselves. The same thing is related to men, their ego will not let them to accept bitter truth. 

Money debts. You need money, and you will borrow money from your friends, and it is never ending story. Even they told you that is not appropriate , you will beg for one more time. Because, you will return this double.

Alcohol, drugs, gamble. These kind of addiction are enemies of balance. You wish to stop, but you can’t stop. Maybe, this is last time. Or not?

Chasing your beloved partner. This person told you already that he is not interested. She doesn’t give shit for you. But, you are deaf and you think maybe they will change mind. 

If you know when is time to back off, you are master of your destiny. Even you think an opposite, your ability to admit defeat is more useful than you think.


If you back off on time, the rest of time will be yours, and you can use it on positive ways. Don’t waste days and hours on something what is lost.

If you admit your defeat, you are ready for new chapter.

Also, you learnt what you did wrong, and right step is opposite from wrong. Now, go in another direction.

What makes difference between human and animal? 

Animal will bite, yell, try to beat everything on the way, because that is animal instinct. Human instinct is controlled by brain, so you can use red light when you are in danger zone. It has no sense to sacrifice yourself for unworthy aim. You got embarrassed because of that woman, and she has husband who broke your nose, because you did not know when to stop. 

Don’t learn on hard way or don’t try everything on your own skin. Learn from others, and follow others , this is cheaper. 


2 thoughts on “Red light – when is time to stop?

  1. What makes difference between human and animal?
    Always gets me. Dogs can surely look guilty when they have done something naughty? So how are we different? What does it feel like to live without conscience? Conscious and conscience, are they the same thing? two sides of the same coin? You cant have one, without the other??? Just thinking loudly

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