The seed of success

Give me one finger, i will ask whole hand. Step by step and whole universe is mine. Sky is not the limit, so i can remove clouds and make my own kingdom. 

Human nature is made of greedy elements. If we have pieces, we will ask for whole cake. You have house at village, soon you will ask for house on the beach. As much we get, we are not satisfied. Little worm inside us is hungry for more. This appetite is limitless and we can’t get enough.

Imagine that you are big leader and whole world is under your feet. You will grab more and more until you reach your quote, and your appetite will kill you at the end. The key of happiness is in balance, you should know when is enough. Some politicians are now behind bars because they did not know when to stop. They were cheating and stealing, but nobody recovered them until the end. Movie “The wolf from Wall street” talks about reach man who skipped over all limits, until the day he did fatal mistake. From that day, his life went back. As in song of Rolling Stones “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

Average person is also not exempted from big wishes and dreams. Helen is married woman with kids. His husband is kind man, and everyone could envy her for such good marriage. Suddenly, Helen got bored. She meet at work man of her dreams. Steven was new cooperator , he brought new excitements and new butterflies at stomach. She lost her healthy sense and involved into hot relation with him. Business journeys and common dinners became her reality. Now she had everything, family at home and passion outside. One day Steven split this relation without explanations. Helen was in tears, desperate in her attempts to get him back. He was firm in his decision and Helen lost this game. Also, her husband found out for affair and daughters were embarrassed of their mother. Nobody talked with her for a months. 

More passion, more money, more plans and we are on the top of the world. Our mouth are so wide opened that we don’t look for others. 

Once i was on presentation of Zepter products, and there was elegant woman. She said : “I like to do this. I mean, i got bored with my life. I am married, i have children, i have work, and i wanted more, so i will sell Zepter products. This is kind of adrenaline for me. ” It is positive to be ambitious and to wish more. Sport is good area for race and competition, we will skip over other results, let’s show we can do better. 

What happens when we start to tread over corpses? 

That moment when you stand on other foot, when you push someone to take your place, to steal something what is not yours, be careful. People will not stay calm when you try to grab without regrets or respect toward others. You can get no satisfaction so you change women as socks, you grab money on all possible on impossible ways just because grass is greener in other’s garden. 

Characters are different. Someone will please his needs with pieces, other’s will ask for big slices. The problem is here when you ask food for your satisfactions over other’s back. 

What is negative in this?

Hurt others to get what you wish. Later you can’t count on that people. They will not forget.

Use others for own sake. If you use people as dolls in your theater, they will turn you back. 

Pretend kindness even you think opposite. Fake smile is easy to discover, hidden intention will swim out on surface.

Give fake promises  just to get what you wish. Promises have deadline, if you can’t realize that, nobody will trust you.

Person without boundaries is devil’s advocate. You sold soul to devil for trade, all wealth on this Earth will be yours. As nothing in this life is not free, also there is price for you. Loss of peace and restless life. Whatever wrong you did in your past, this is your curse. Sooner or later, you will pay big bill.

The other thing is how you feel after you did success. If you have people to share your joy with them, this is perfect result. But if you were cheating and stealing, if you sold your respect and dignity for bunch of money, you will look at your mirror with sickness. Even worse, you will make toast with empty glass because your beloved people left you a long time ago. Be sure that your seed of success is useful and healthy. After all, you want to sleep safe.


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