Man wolf and his lamb


World is not black and white, there are many other colors in this rainbow. Some people want to make is more simple, so they will mark others as two extremities. When it comes time to get marry, some man will say that they want pure woman, not a slut. This is Kennedy syndrome, marry with Jackie, not with Marilyn.

Jacqueline Bouvier was woman with good reputation and created to be first lady of United States of America. She was from rich american family and she had career of journalist. Marilyn Monroe was Hollywood actress and mistress so Robert and John Kennedy had hot adventures with her. Nobody talked about Marilyn as possible candidate for wife.

We can understand Kennedy, because he could lose a lot, he was president of USA and he wanted wife by his standards. Later he had lovers and affairs, because this kind of things happens in political circles.

Paul is drummer in local rock band. He earn extra money as bartender, because his band is not successful and he must do another work to survive. Paul is also womanizer, and he broke many hearts. His hunger is huge, so he has many girls in reality, but also sometimes he is visiting porno sites on internet and he is doing cyber sex.

He was madly in love in one girl from his work. She was sexy waitress and customers loved her, because she was bright and this coffee bar was always full. Paul and Katrina had relation about 3 years, during all that time he was cheating her, but when she wanted to break up, he always found a way to keep her. After some time, his music band became past,  guys decided to stop because it was not successful. Paul went to another country to earn money and there he met a girl. Soon their photos were at Facebook, as romantic couple together. Everyone who knew Paul would think that he will make hot photos with his girlfriend, that they will kiss as hot couple, but an opposite, they had very conservative photos , as traditional old fashioned couple , how they are holding hands and enjoy in riding horses on farm. That girl was from Russia and she was very shy. Paul did not talked about his past. He invited her to his country, to Germany. Paul pretended that he doesn’t know who is Katrina, he did not greet her and suddenly his friends were not enough good for his new girlfriend Natasha. She was doctor, from Saint Petersburg. Paul was wolf in lamb skin, and he wanted to start new life with cuts. Now he will wash his hands. As always in his life, he was labeling women. Women were sluts and virgins, devils and angels. He wanted to have fun with sluts, but now party is over and he will marry virgin. When Paul got married, he continued with his past life. Natasha got job in Germany but she worked in night shifts and also she was strictly conservative woman. Paul was getting bored and he found new mistress. He could not escape from the fact that he is wolf. Now he had everything, pure wife and wild mistress.

If you were born pretender with double standards, you will change your skin as snake

New suit for every opportunity, but you can’t change your inside values. Whatever you choose, you will stay what you really are. You will continue to mark people accord your standards, all until someone stand on your feet. Someone can expose what you are indeed and then your mask will fall down. This double personality is good to fit in every situation, but also you will risk to be exposed on unpleasant way.

It is more simple to live accord your attitudes

Hypocrisy is double spy. You think that people loves you because you fit in their box, but you cannot be yourself. When you get marry with woman accord social standards, and not accord your wishes, you cannot be happy. You can have peace and admiration, but somewhere, in deep angle of your heart, you will know that you are not complete. As hungry wolf, you will hunt new victims.


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