Take a risk


Little child try to walk alone, without help. First steps are painful, result can be hurting knees and fall on the ground with tears. Child will not give up and this is first risk in his or her life.

Life is created from risky situations. In this game we must lean on ourselves. It is nice to have safe belt or someone you call always in the case of trouble, but sometimes you will stay alone with your desires and wishes. If you can handle your task alone, you are independent.

Ruby wanted to see new night club in her city but her friends were against it. They used to go in old places where all familiar people gathering every Saturday. She called all her girls, but one of them was sick, other had date with boyfriend and third stayed at home to learn for difficult exam. Ruby was in dilemma, to stay at home or to go alone? She wanted change and her wishes were stronger than her fear. She decided to go alone.

That night was awesome. First, it was little unpleasant, she came too early and take a beer. Men were staring because she was alone. Soon she joined to group of girls who were dancing near her, simply she asked for a cigarette. Girls liked her clothes, so they asked her where she bought dress. So she started to talk with them and met new friends. Later, when that girls gone, she noticed handsome guy with beer in his hand. They made eye contact and he invited her on his table. They exchanged numbers and next day he called her for a date. When Ruby talked with her friends, all were envious. First they considered her as nut person who is walking around alone. Then they said that she really had guts. After they regret why they did not joined to her.

When you take a risk, you are into unpredictable game. It depends how you will play. You accept surprises and shocking events. 

Here are some tips how to deal in risky situation:

Be ready for everything, and create plan B. 

Don’t let fear rule over you. Fear is the biggest enemy.

If you face it with obstacles, take a breath and stay calm. Circumstances are not good, but this is temporary.

Don’t let others discourage you. Real friends will support you.

Even if you are nervous, smile and pretend that you are in good mood. Other’s should not see what is happening inside of you.

If you take a risk, sometimes you will get out as winner. Sometimes you will lose and learn something new. What is sure, if you never risk, you will never get progress. Rodney never learnt to drive a car. Simply, his fear was too big and he gave up from this. He made his choice.

Fears and doubts are things which will block you inside. Why you can’t continue? Because you afraid. Do you have reason to afraid? 

Fear has big eyes. 


Which illusions are based on fear?

People will laugh to me and i will feel bad. So what, let they laugh. You can laugh to them because they are cowards.

I can’t do it. I was not born to do this. You don’t know until you try.

I will be embarrassed and others will talk about me. Maybe you will be clumsy , maybe you will do mistakes. But, every rumor has short deadline. First people talk, then they forget. After this, you will feel only regret if you did not try.

I will lose affection of my friends, family and my beloved partner. If they can’t support you, they don’t deserve you.

Once i saw guy who decided to jump from bungee jumping. His friends were clap their hands, they supported him, but he gave up. They were disappointed, but not so much as he was. He disappointed himself.

When you risk, you jump without parachute. Nothing is safe. You can lose, and you can feel furious. No matter about result, that feeling is not so bad as feeling of regret.


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