Leave it with dignity

When two people fall in love, there is an explosion. What makes situation confusing is level of their feelings. Person who falls first is in danger , because other person will have advantage. In the moment when you fall in love in someone, you give him power to play with your heart. What happens if your partner doesn’t love you on equal way? What if he only wish to play with you, without serious feelings?

The worst advice you can hear is “flirt with others to show him that he is not only one.” In this way , you will declare yourself as promiscuous, and he will chill out from you. He will also feel less responsible to hurt you, because you give your heart to others too.

If you ask reason why some women are promiscuous, the roots are in their past. Look at woman who is changing guys as socks, she feels pain inside, because, once upon a long time ago, someone broke her heart. 

How to recognize promiscuous lady with emotional scarves?

She is dating with more guys in the same time.

Her relations are short.

She will have sex very fast, because she wants to get over her past experiences.

She will cheat her partner, even he is good to her.

Teenagers will often chose wrong way to capture someone’s attention. Girls will flirt with other guys, in hope that their beloved will stop them. It can work out if he is interested, but even this will not work at long run. Guys wish to be special and sluts are not desirable for relation.

What guy think when he realize that his girlfriend is flirty?

I can’t trust her.

So, i will go on journey, and she will sleep with someone else.

She makes fool from me.

This woman will embarrass me in publicity. 

Love is causer of pain when we feel inferior, abandoned, with lack of love. Well , this makes difference between strong and weak women. When strong woman is abandoned, she will not call other guy immediately. She will handle her pain through conversation with friends, with busy work or shopping. She will go to gym or listen music. Weak woman, an opposite will jump into other bed. She is dealing with pain on kinky way.

So, when guy see this, he will think that he do right thing. After Henry left Marissa, he felt responsible. He wanted to call her to ask her how is she. And he saw her in night bar, she was dancing half naked with drunk guy. She lost dignity.

When Mark left Sally, she went to the journey, in other country. He was asking her friends where she disappeared. He was worried that something happened to her. When she back with smile on her face, with tanned skin, Mark felt so much regrets. But she did not want to be with him anymore.

Difference between weak and strong women is in the level of dignity. Yes, you hate him, but don’t hate yourself because he left you. 


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