The house of rage

You are angry on your boss, friend, relatives? You want to kick some asses or to slap someone? This feeling is familiar to everyone. Even the calmest person has moment of “yellow minutes”, when feeling of rage takes over.

Whatever reason of anger was, we want to revenge to culprit, causer of this anger. Here is imagined picture, black eye or tears on his eyes, that guy who deserve to be punished. I wish to make miserable this girl. How dare she, to make me angry like that?

Feeling of anger has many sources. This comes out from disrespect or denials. It is not easy when someone underestimate our deeds and feelings, and when someone play with us. When we can’t fight back on proper way, we are powerless. Yes how great it would be to slap my boss but i will lose job in this case. I would spit on my doctor because i got appointment with him and i waited 2 hours in clinic, but i can’t do it. 

Savage people will have simple solutions with paddles in their hands. An eye for an eye, as Hamurabian law said. There we have serious obstacle, you can’t destroy all people who once made you angry.

Two Serbian men got simple business idea. They opened kind of institution for anger, and named it as House of rage. For 5 euro you can enter there, take a paddle  and smash glasses and dishes, to get rid of rage. Simple solution can even prevent angry person to do some damages in other places. How much time someone smashed glasses in bars and clubs? Here, others will not pay damage for you.


Whoever talks about yoga, meditations and all kind of way to calm down, it can’t help too much in the moment of rage. These skills need patience, time and discipline, but anger needs effective solution. People will try to wash your brain or even worse, to offer you pills to calm down. Alcohol also has an opposite effect, because for short you can be relaxed, but soon your anger will be double.

If you are hot temper, that feeling is spreading like a flame. You can get burn in a minute. It is easy to say calm down or relax. Ask the same person who told you this, how she felt in the moment when she got angry. For sure, she wanted to strangle someone. 

Some people are good in pretending that everything is alright. But, negative feelings will find their way out. If you don’t talk with source of your anger, frustrations will fly around and wrong person can be hurt without any reason. The moment when your boss yell  is not always focused on you. He maybe fight with wife or his children made him miserable. 

Don’t choke your feelings inside of you. 

Anger will get another shape. You can get sick if your negative feelings are in you for a too long time. You can become bad toward dear people who want to help you. Anger is something that we must face it, not ignore or make this less important. Talk with those who understand you. Also, if you wish to smash something, like in this case in Serbia, do it. Sport is very good way to get rid of your anger. Swimming , fitness, tennis, these are all good ways to invest your negative energy in something worthy. 

Fake smile is very sad expression, the same as calm face in the moment when you are burning inside. Your own house of rage must be activated sometimes because this is natural process. 


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